Student Bloggers: Follow their everyday adventures

Lia '17
Lia Camargo
Tokyo, Japan
Major: Women's &
Gender Studies
Emily '17
Emily Chen
Fremont, CA
Major: Economics
Paulina '18
Paulina Romero
El Paso, TX
Major: Undeclared
Eleanor '18
Eleanor Zagoren
Chatham, NJ
Major: Biology

Laïssa '20
Laïssa Alexis
Orange, NJ
Major: Undeclared


Student Videos: A slice of life—nothing fancy

Wellesley in One Word
Students attempt to encapsulate all that
is Wellesley in just one word. We enjoyed
their effort!
Faiza '19: Dorm halls, Multifaith
Center, badminton, desserts! College

Abena '18: Premed track,running track, a rainy dayfull of classes, fun
banter in the Science Center

Shannon '18: Lunch at Bates, lots
of stairs, Agora Society, tunneling,
homework in bed
Ariana '18A busy day of classes,
physics lab, bread and cheese night,
Mezcla meeting, room decorations
Clellie '18: RA (res hall advisor)
check-in, dorm room tour, studying
Spanish, tea and valentines
Heather '17: Morning routine, chem
quiz, comedy writing talk, Shakespeare, 
Cafe Hoop