Student Blogs

Student Bloggers: Follow their everyday adventures

Lia Emily Paulina Eleanor Laïssa
Lia '17
Lia Camargo
Tokyo, Japan
Major: Women's &
Gender Studies
Emily '17
Emily Chen
Fremont, CA
Major: Economics
Paulina '18
Paulina Romero
El Paso, TX
Major: Undeclared
Eleanor '18
Eleanor Zagoren
Chatham, NJ
Major: Biology

Laïssa '20
Laïssa Alexis
Orange, NJ
Major: Undeclared


Student Videos: A slice of life—nothing fancy

Angela Melina Samantha
Angela '17:
Architecture and philosophy major discusses:
"Why philosophy matters to me"
Melina '18
Art history and studio art major
(video to come)
Samantha '19
English major, education minor
(video to com)
Wellesley in one word Faiza Abena
Wellesley in One Word
Students attempt to encapsulate all that
is Wellesley in just one word. We enjoyed
their effort!
Faiza '19: Dorm halls, Multifaith
Center, badminton, desserts! College

Abena '18: Premed track, running
track, a rainy day
full of classes, fun
banter in the Science Center

Shannon Ariana Clellie
Shannon '18: Lunch at Bates, lots
of stairs, Agora Society, tunneling,
homework in bed
Ariana '18A busy day of classes,
physics lab, bread and cheese night,
Mezcla meeting, room decorations
Clellie '18: RA (res hall advisor)
check-in, dorm room tour, studying
Spanish, tea and valentines
Heather '17: Morning routine, chem
quiz, comedy writing talk, Shakespeare, 
Cafe Hoop