Image from exhibition by Alia Ali

Alice C. Cole ’42 Project Grant Show

Monday, Aug. 28–Friday, Sept. 22, 10 AM–4 PM
Jewett Art Center 200 Art Gallery

This exhibition brings together three emerging artists—Alia Ali ’09, Courtney Richter ’09, and Margo Sulmont ’13—who were awarded the Alice C. Cole Studio Project Grant in 2016–17.

As a child of two linguists, Alia Ali believes that the interpretation of verbal and written language has disserved particular communities and presents more of a threat than a means of understanding. Her work reflects on the politics and poetics of contested ideas of identity, physical borders, mental and physical spaces of confinement, and the line between truth and interpretation.

The repetitive cycle of self-improvement is full of doubts, disappointments, and tiny celebrations, combined with a strong—though perhaps impractical—sense of optimism. This optimism is present in Courtney Richter’s impulse to transform undesirable materials into key components of her work, and in her investigations of the unseen potential in objects.

Building on perspectives and techniques acquired from her professional life as an urban planner, Margo Sulmont uses sound as a tool to investigate a city. Employing an analytical process to produce physical manifestations of her recordings, she creates tangible artworks and installations based on the conversations and audio data gathered from her field work.

Generously supported by the Alice C. Cole ’42 Art Fund.