The Vil

Entering Wellesley

The Town of Wellesley (AKA The Vil)

Just a short walk from campus, The Vil has the necessities covered: books, clothes, sushi, and coffee. Downtown Wellesley is tidy, safe, and sweet. 

A Few Places to Know about in The Vil

Wellesley BooksmithWellesley Booksmith

A locally-owned, independent bookstore, complete with a Used Book Cellar.  Wellesley on Google Maps


OK, so CVS isn't very glamorous, but it's good to have one within walking distance.  CVS on Google Maps

JP Licks J.P. Licks

Ice cream and coffee. Need we say more?  J.P. Licks on Yelp

LF ClothingLF Clothing Store

LF is just down the street (for when you need to treat yourself).  LF on Google Maps

Please note: Listing here does not constitute an endorsement by the College.