College Government, Councils, and Boards

Come shape the Wellesley community by joining one of these groups!

  • College Government

    The nine annually elected members of College Government Cabinet work to administer and implement the various functions and responsibilities of CG by collaborating with student orgs, administrators, and staff, chairing Senate committees, and holding events throughout the year. In addition to serving as a liaison between the student body and the administration, Cabinet encourages students to take initiative by developing and implementing active programs pertinent to issues of interest and concern. Facebook Page


  • Committee for Political and Legislative Awareness (CPLA)

    CPLA presents issues of a political nature to the student body in a balanced, non-partisan, and educational manner, aids groups which have a political or legislative orientation, coordinates and plans programming to educate the campus about political issues in creative ways, and provides students with the knowledge of political events off campus. Email CPLA

  • Community Action Network (CAN)

    Community Action Network (CAN) is an open discussion forum to challenge diversity issues on campus including, but not limited to class, sexuality, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, and ability. The main focus of this committee is to utilize the student body to create educational programs, educate the campus on diversity issues, and serve as an advocacy group to respond to diversity issues as and before need arises. We improve inclusion on campus through actions like events, projects, and building networks of support between groups on campus. Join us as we make Wellesley better! Email CAN

  • Honor Code Council

    The Honor Code Council is a committee comprised of faculty, the Dean of Students and her designees, and students tasked to educate the Wellesley community about the Honor Code and adjudicate violations of the Honor Code.  It is chaired by the Chief Justice, a senior elected by the student body, who sits on College Government Cabinet.    Each of the members of the Honor Code Council acts as a liaison to their constituency, sits on hearings of honor code violations, and reaches out to the campus to raise prevent cases of academic dishonesty, and encouraging the implementation of the values of the Honor Code in daily life. Email HCC

  • SBOG

    We are the Schneider Board of Governors. At Wellesley College, we are responsible for planning and hosting large-scale events like Remix and Spring Week. As an organization, we are committed making the social life at Wellesley as exciting and inclusive as possible. As a group, we are creative, diverse and innovative. Facebook Page Twitter

  • Student Organization and Appointments Committee (SOAC)

    On the Organizations side, SOAC oversees all the constituted organizations on campus, constitutes and unconstitutes organizations in the fall and spring semester, and serves as a support system and resource for all organizations on campus, constituted and unconstituted. On the Appointments side, SOAC is responsible for appointing student representatives to administrative committees. We publicize committee openings, screen applications, and interview students. While it varies from year to year, SOAC is in charge of managing roughly 160 student organizations and 60 student representatives. Email SOAC

  • Student Organizations Funding Committee

    The Student Organization Funding Committee is responsible for distributing the Student Activity Fee to 171+ SOAC-constituted organizations over the course of the academic year. Made up of senators and members of the student body, the committee makes policy and receives funding applications and awards money in accordance with policy. Email SOFC