Our Diverse Community

At Wellesley, diversity and inclusion are a way of life—a chance to explore, learn, grow, and connect.

We enjoy learning from one another: learning to promote collaboration, create understanding, build community, and together, learning to support the advancement of social justice and equity on campus and beyond.

A Global Community

Wellesley students come from all over the world. Many religions are practiced on campus, many languages spoken, many traditions celebrated.

In the Classroom

It's a common theme at Wellesley: Solutions to complex modern problems require a broad liberal education and an ability to consider many different perspectives.

The Wellesley student welcomes multiple perspectives — teaching and learning are seen as investigative, collaborative acts, requiring a mutually respectful exchange of ideas.

In an increasingly complex world, an important part of leadership development is to consider many and often opposing points of view—to calibrate and then sustain the balance between assertiveness and reserve, between drive and restraint. Accordingly, students are required to take at least one unit of coursework focusing on a multicultural theme. There are dozens to choose from, including study of people, cultures, and societies around the world, or in minority America.