International Students

Wellesley College Summer Programs – Summer Student Immigration Guidelines

Please note that as of May 1, Summer@Wellesley will not be able to consider international student applications, due to immigration documentation. 

International Student Applicants

To attend a Wellesley College Summer Program as an international student, there are additional steps you must take to ensure a timely and smooth entry into the United States. 

  1. You must comply with institutional and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) procedures.
  2. You must provide proof of vaccinations as mandated by the state of Massachusetts

If you are an international student applying for F-1 Student status from Wellesley College, you are required to be enrolled full-time.  At Wellesley, this means being enrolled in two credit bearing courses during the summer within the following programs:

  • Summer Term 
  • Women's Leadership Program
  • Pre-College 4-Week program

Learn more about immigration guidelines and healthcare guidelines.


US Based Healthcare Plan Required 

Due to differences in international health care plans and systems, we cannot guarantee that your health insurance coverage will be valid in the United States or that doctors/hospitals will accept your international health insurance, even in an emergency. Therefore, all Summer@Wellesley participants that reside outside of the United States are required to purchase the Wellesley Summer Accident and Sickness Insurance Program. Information about this policy will be available soon on the University Health Plans website.  Cost of the insurance for Pre-College 4-Week Program is $98 and for the Women's Leadership Program $123.