Why Wellesley?

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About Wellesley College

Wellesley College is the top-ranked private women’s college in the United States. It is a long-time incubator for socially-engaged leadership: Hillary Clinton, U.S. Presidential candidate, is the College’s most famous alumnae, though former Ambassador Madeleine Albright, the late director Nora Ephron, public health champion Ophelia Dahl, journalists Diane Sawyer and Cokie Roberts, and businesswoman Lulu Chow Wang are also highly noted alumnae.

Wellesley is known for the excellence of its education, the beauty of its setting, its gifted faculty, and the uniqueness of its campus culture.  But most of all, Wellesley is known for the thousands of accomplished, thoughtful women it has sent out into the world for over 100 years—women who are committed to making a difference. 

Wellesley is ranked #3 on US News and World Reports National Liberal Arts Colleges, #31 on Forbes list of best colleges for international students, #1 Best Colleges ranking for women’s colleges.

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About Wellesley’s Campus and Proximity to Boston

Wellesley College offers a refreshing, safe urban-alternative, and at the same time, it is situated close enough to Boston to allow for frequent visits.  Wellesley's 500 acres include a private lake, a golf club, groves of conifers and hardwoods, and winding paths through open meadows. Stunning brick and stone buildings rise from wooded hills. From almost every window on campus, the view opens out to an inviting vista—through pine trees to the shores of Lake Waban, down sweeping lawns to century-old oaks with magnificent gnarled branches.

The landscape has always been central to the identity of Wellesley College and to the experience of its students. Henry Fowle Durant, who founded the college in 1870 (it opened in 1875), believed that young women should be educated in the midst of beauty. Landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. described Wellesley's landscape in 1902 as "not merely beautiful, but with a marked individual character not represented so far as I know on the ground of any other college in the country." Glacial topography, he believed, gave the campus "its peculiar kind of intricate beauty." 

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The town of Wellesley is an upscale residential community and offers shops, restaurants and services for students, all within easy walking distance.  In addition, Wellesley is only 12 miles west of Boston, Massachusetts, a major hub for financial services, technology, healthcare and other industries. 

About Wellesley College Faculty

Wellesley students frequently cite the excellence of the faculty as a core component of our transformational learning environment.  There are many reasons for exceptional performance of Wellesley faculty. We recruit and retain professors who are both proven scholars and outstanding teachers. Nearly all have a distinguished record of publication, grants and awards, and important research. Wellesley fosters an academic culture that emphasizes teaching as our primary mission. That teaching is amply supported by advising and support.

Wellesley Welcomes International Students

Multiculturalism is a way of life at Wellesley.  An exceptionally diverse community draws students from 81 countries and all 50 states.  At the Slater Internation Center, international students study, cook and gather informally.  Advising at the Slater Center facilitates students' transition to Wellesley.

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