Sponsored Research


The Office of Sponsored Research

The Office of Sponsored Research manages the pre-award administrative process, provides information on external funding sources, answers questions and provides clarification on and compliance with pre-award sponsored research policies for Wellesley College’s externally funded grants. The Assistant Provost and Director serves as the liaison between faculty, college administrators, and funding agencies.


COVID-19 Policy on Research


Special Information Regarding COVID-19 Funding Opportunities: click Here.


Spotlight: Faculty Research at Wellesley

The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) services include:

Funding Sources

We subscribe to external databases Pivot and Grants.gov which are the industry leading sources of information on grants and research opportunities. The funding sources page provides instructions on how to use the databases.   

Additionally, we can conduct individual funding searches in connection with upcoming sabbatical leaves, new or continuing research, programs or projects by request.

Proposal Development 

  • obtain and provide sponsor guidelines and application forms
  • interpret and clarify sponsor and college policies
  • assist faculty to prepare grant proposal and budget
  • obtain college approvals and signatures
  • submit proposal
  • status follow up on pending proposals
  • assist in the negotiation of awards and execution of contracts


Compliance includes the following:

Ancillary Research Agreements & Issues