Accreditation Steering Committee
Planning Team
Bryan Burns, Classical Studies (co-chair)
Pamela Taylor, Institutional Research (co-chair)
Marianne Cooley, AVP & Secretary of the Board (staff)
Stacie Goddard, Political Science
Irene Mata, Women’s & Gender Studies
Phyllis McGibbon, Art
Megan Nuñez, Chemistry
Carlos Ramos, Spanish
Ismar Volić, Mathematics
Akila Weerapana, Economics
Aviva Feldman, Spanish ’19
Megumi Murakami ’20
Kindred Obas, English ’19
Tory Roth, Chemistry ’18
Ally Uchitelle ’20
Senior Leadership and Administrative Staff
Paula Johnson, President
Andy Shennan, Provost and Dean of the College
Carol Bate, Associate Dean of Students
Elizabeth Gildersleeve, Chief Communications Officer
Sheilah Horton, VP & Dean of Students
Joy St. John, Dean of Admission & Student Financial Services
Piper Orton, VP of Finance & Administration
Karen Petrulakis, General Counsel
Ann Velenchik, Dean of Academic Affairs
Institutional Values
Debby Kuenstner, Chief Investment Officer
Thea Louis ’20
Avery Lumeng ’21
Maya Nandakumar ’19
Carolyn Slaboden, AVP for Human Resources & EO