Strategic Planning

students chatting on the walkway outside Claflin

We have begun work on the development of a five-year strategic plan and long-term vision for Wellesley.

Strategic planning will allow us to consider all of our strengths and how they intersect to create a stronger Wellesley. Decisions made by one division within the College either impact or are impacted by other departments, not to mention the larger world. Through more comprehensive planning, we will set an overall vision and coordinate strategies that allow us to make better-informed decisions regarding our future, enabling the allocation of precious resources in ways that will have the greatest impact.

We look to address the following questions:

  • How do we fully realize our mission to provide an excellent liberal arts education to women who will make a difference in the world?
  • How does our organization and governance need to evolve to achieve the “Wellesley of the future” we envision?
  • How do we elevate our role as an educational institution, leader and advocate for women’s education and empowerment for the U.S. and globally?
  • How do we create an experience for students, faculty, and staff that instills a greater sense of belonging and connection and prepares students for a rapidly changing world?

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Steering Committee

  • Paula Johnson
    President of the College
  • Andrew Shennan
    Provost and Dean of the College
  • Carol Bate
    Associate Dean of Students
  • Mary Casey
    Vice President for Development
  • Ophelia Dahl ’94
  • Don Elmore
    Professor of Chemistry
  • Sheilah Horton
    Vice President and Dean of Students
  • Debora de Hoyos ’75
    Chair, Board of Trustees
  • Michael Jeffries
    Associate Professor of American Studies
  • Kristina Jones
    Director of the Botanic Gardens
  • Erin Konkle
    Program Director Career Development, Community Engagement
  • Debby Kuenstner ’80
    Chief Investment Officer
  • Ellen Marram ’68
  • Tara Murphy
    Chief Communications Officer
  • Megan Núñez
    Dean of Faculty Affairs
  • Piper Orton
    Vice President for Finance and Administration and Treasurer
  • Karen Petrulakis
    General Counsel
  • Anjali Prabhu
    Professor of Comparative Literature and French
  • Smitha Radhakrishnan
    Associate Professor of Women’s Studies and Sociology
  • Carlos Ramos
    Professor of Spanish
  • Lisa Rodensky ’84
    Professor of English
  • Casey Rothschild
    Associate Professor of Economics
  • Joy St. John
    Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
  • Carolyn Slaboden
    AVP and Director of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity
  • Pamela Taylor
    Assistant Provost, Institutional Planning and Assessment
  • Ann Velenchik
    Dean of Academic Affairs
  • Heather Woods ’97
    Associate Chief Information Officer


  • July–August 2019

    Introduce process and establish Steering Committee

  • September–October 2019

    Steering Committee will engage community to develop strategic priorities and establish working groups* for each

  • October–January 2020

    Working groups convene to discuss priority areas, gather data, and engage the community. At the end of January working groups share initial findings

  • February–April 2020

    Working groups begin to develop recommendations to test with the community. Working groups share draft recommendations with Steering Committee in March

  • April 2020

    Working groups deliver reports and final recommendations to the Steering Committee, which then integrates the reports into a draft plan

  • May 2020

    Steering Committee shares draft plan with the board and the community

  • June–July 2020

    Steering Committee further develops draft Strategic Plan based on feedback from the Board; shares draft plan with the community for feedback

  • August–September 2020

    Steering Committee incorporates feedback from community into revised Strategic Plan

*Working groups will include faculty, staff and students