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Each year, more than 300 Wellesley alumnae volunteer their time to support Wellesley through the Wellesley Fund. Volunteers are ambassadors to the College, and are indispensable to Wellesley's ability to meet 100% of demonstrated financial need of all admitted students. Wellesley Fund Volunteers connect with their classmates year-round, inspiring them to support the College financially, and enriching one os Wellesley's oldest traditions: giving back.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Amy Burke, Senior Director of Annual Giving Programs, at ab109@wellesley.edu

GiveCampus VMS - Online Volunteer Management System

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Contact Your Wellesley Fund Class Liaison

Class Liaison
1930 - 1959 Barbara Colonna
2005 - 2019 Julide Iye
1960 - 1974  Norma Barrett
1976 - 1990 Hillary Leahy
1975, 1991 - 2004, CE/DS Sarah Gilligan ’09


Contact: The Wellesley Fund | Green Hall, Room 143 | giving@wellesley.edu | 800.358.3543