Bonnie Dix

Bonnie M. Dix
(781) 283-2021
Physical Ed. Recreation & Athletics
B.S., University of Vermont; M.S., University of Tennessee (Knoxville)

Bonnie M. Dix

PERA Associate Professor of the Practice

Swimming coach, fascinated by psychological aspects of sport performance, sport and positive psychology.

My latest research involved taper and re-taper methods, strength training specifically for swimmers, and the differences in training male and female collegiate swimmers.

I enjoy helping non-swimmers and beginners learn to swim and to develop a love of the water. I teach basic sailing and lifeguarding as well. I recently developed two classes─Children’s Games for College Students and Aquatic Games for College Students. The focus is on using children’s games as a vehicle to fitness and fun. These classes are a complement to our more traditional skills classes.

I am interested in all aspects of coaching swimming, from different training methods to new stroke techniques. I am particularly interested in the psychological aspects of sport including performance, and sport and positive psychology. I recently completed a positive psychology course, and am developing ways to incorporate the information into our team activities.

I love Labrador retrievers in particular and animals in general. I enjoy being on the water sailing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, or just relaxing. Reading is a passion. And I love being in the woods surrounded by nature.