Book Studies

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Hans Holbein woodcut for "Dance of Death," 1538.
Miniature from Petrarca's "I Trionfi," Italy, 15th c.
Jamie Cumby '11 making paper.
Calligraphy demonstration in ARTH299
Cassie Hoef '14 offering a demonstration in the Book Arts Lab

Book Studies at Wellesley

Book Studies at Wellesley consists of a number of collaborative scholarly enterprises that probe the history and future of the book, both as a vessel for the transmission of text and image and as evidence of material culture. In its broadest sense, book studies can be thought of as the study of the evolution of written communication, of which the “book” is only one part.  This emerging field is historic, contemporary, and interdisciplinary. It provides a framework to examine the social and political forces at work on the dissemination and reception of written, printed, and digital texts.