The Budget Office will provide desk-top training upon request.

Please contact Brigid Nurnberg to schedule an appointment. The training session should last about an hour.

Before the training session, please ensure you complete the following instructions to be set up properly in the system:

1.Request for Computer Accounts and Administrative Databases Security Authorization Form Make sure you select the checkbox labeled Budget User.

2.The Controller's Authorization form is where you will request specific access to view your funds and orgs. Please note all Online Authorized Signer forms must be submitted through the My Apps tab on the MyWellesley Portal.

During the hands on training session, Stephanie will go over the following information with you.

1. Review Budget Applications

- Connecting to Banner

- Chart of Accounts

- Banner Terminology

- Budget Forms

- MyBanner Menu

2. Review reports for managing your budgets and walk-through how to read the reports and review budget queries.

3. Review process for making budget transfers, if necessary.

4. Review most recent memo on budget process.