Join a Club or Student Organization

Want to bust a move? Recite the monologue from Hamlet? Protest injustice? Meditate? Congregate? Celebrate? Then get plugged into our student orgs.

We've got over 180 student-run organizations (with new ones every year). They're always looking for new members, whether you're in your first or final year at Wellesley.

So get involved! Your life will never be the same.

Explore the Student Organizations

CG Committees/Class Councils

College Government Committees and Class Councils are responsible for many decisions that affect campus life. These groups are a great way to stay involved and engaged!

House Council

House Councils are a great way to stay involved in what's going on at your residence hall! Find your hall’s HoCo on WEngage.


Interested in the performing arts? Check out our performance orgs! Whether you want to be in an Upstage theater production, sing with one of our many acapella groups, or play the bells in Galen Stone Tower with the Guild of Carillonneurs, there are many great options for performing on campus.


Wherever you fall on the political spectrum, there are many ways to get involved! In our political orgs, you can find opportunities to explore ideas, volunteer, and connect with your sibs around the issues you care about.

Social Justice and Awareness

Are you passionate about an issue? Do you want to learn more or get involved? Then consider joining one of our social justice and awareness orgs! These groups cover a range of issues, including She's the First (advocating for first generation students at Wellesley), EnAct (fighting climate change), Students for an Accessible Wellesley, and many more.


Do you have an issue you care about? Are you interested in getting involved? Then check out our volunteer orgs! Whether you want to promote women in technology with Girls Who Code, build houses with Habitat for Humanity, or visit young patients with Wellesley for Boston Children's Hospital, there are so many ways to do good with these orgs.


Wellesley’s societies are a great place to connect with your sibs over a shared interest! There are many great societies to choose from, including Tau Zeta Epsilon (the art and music society), Alpha Phi Sigma (the lecture society), Zeta Alpha (the literature society), the Shakespeare Society, and Alpha Kappa Chi (the history society).


If you're looking for a community to support you in your academic pursuits, you might consider joining an academic org! These orgs are great places for majors and non-majors alike to explore their academic interests and connect with other students in their fields of study. Whether you're interested in international relations, computer science, psychology, or something else, you're sure to find a group of like-minded scholarly sibs!


Career orgs are the perfect place for go-getter students looking to get a professional headstart. Orgs like the Hippocratic Society and WeStart (Wellesley Entrepreneur Club) provide a great opportunity to network and gain experience. Find the right org for your field of interest on WEngage!


If you're hoping to connect with your roots, find a community of sibs, or learn about a culture, check out our cultural orgs on WEngage! Wellesley has many cultural groups such as Mezcla for students of Latinx descent, Ethos for students of African descent, and the Asian Student Union. There are also performance-based cultural groups, such as Yanvalou and Cielito Lindo. You're sure to find a place to belong in one of these orgs!

Health and Wellness

Want to learn more about staying healthy? Health and Wellness orgs like the BHEs (Balance Health Educators) and the SHEs (Sexual Health Educators) are here to provide all the information you need to help you take care of yourself on campus.

Media and Publications

Interested in publishing student literary work at the Wellesley Review? What about examining global affairs at the Wellesley Globalist? Or hosting a radio show at WZLY? Our media and publications orgs cover a wide variety of interests. Check them out on WEngage!

Religious and Spiritual

Religious and spiritual orgs are wonderful places to find support in your faith. No matter your religious tradition, you'll find a spiritual family on campus.

Special Interest

Special interest orgs are the perfect place for anyone with an interest - and we mean any interest! From the Phocus Photography club, to the Regeneration Student Farm, to the Anime club, and many more, you're sure to find a fun org where you can continue a hobby you love or discover a new one.

Club Sports

Interested in staying active? What about engaging in some friendly athletic competition with other schools? Check out our club sports! There are many teams to choose from, including the Equestrian Team, the Wellesley Whiptails (Ultimate Frisbee), and the Rugby Club Team.


If you want to have fun while staying active, our recreation clubs are the perfect place for you. From the BOW Figure Skating Club, to Quidditch, to the Ballroom Dance Team, there are so many exciting recreation groups to try!