Arts, Communications, & Media

Arts, Communications, & Media

Green Hall 441
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Many exciting and fulfilling careers exist in the creative economy, and Wellesley’s rigorous liberal arts curriculum prepares students and alumnae with strengths that are especially relevant in the arts and media fields. Opportunities can be found in every sector— from nonprofit organizations, education, and government, to Fortune 500 companies. Whether you are interested in working in a museum, a lifestyle start-up, a civic arts council, a classroom, an established corporation, somewhere in-between, or somewhere beyond, you can find positions. Students and alumnae are encouraged to get started by exploring the resources below and scheduling an appointment in Handshake to meet with Hebert Labbate.



Arts, Communications, & Media

Green Hall 441
106 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02481

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Top Job Functions

Class of 2023 Top Job Functions across Arts, Communications, & Media
Writing / Editing
Design / Art
Operations / Production

Arts, Communications, & Media: Graduates in the World

What they studied Where they work or attend graduate school What they do
Architecture & Anthropology designLAB architects Designer
Art History & Architecture Tatter Blue Library Content Manager
Art History Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Executive Assistant to Chief External Relations Officer
Latin American Studies & Peace and Justice Studies Smithsonian Intern at National Museum of the American Latino
Media Arts and Sciences National Gallery of Art John Wilmerding Intern in Digital Interpretation
Art History New York Philharmonic Prospect Research Associate
American Studies & Theatre Studies National Theater Institute Fellow
Cinema and Media Studies Trustees Photo Collections Assistant
Environmental Studies Smithsonian Researcher
Music & History Massachusetts Institute of Technology Communications Associate, Office of Innovations
* Highlighted outcomes from 2023 graduates


Hebert Labbate

Today's entertainment industry includes everything from the large scale productions of the Hollywood studio system, to the independent work being done within smaller markets, to the new media offerings adapting at the fringe of established distribution channels. A lot of attention and publicity is given to the “above the line” careers such as directing, producing, writing, and acting, but just as many career opportunities are available within support industries like post-production, entertainment law, talent representation, public relations and marketing, and social media.

“I think art’s first goal is to remind us that we are human...”

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“The Crawford Fellowship gave me the means to revitalize my artistic practice and connect with a community of artists and craftspeople.”