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Arts, Communications, Media

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The Arts, Communications, and Media (ACM) Career Community meets the needs of students and alumnae interested in a variety of creative careers across three broad categories: art and design; communications, advertising, and marketing; and media and entertainment. Many exciting and fulfilling careers exist in the creative economy and Wellesley’s rigorous liberal arts curriculum prepares students and alumnae with strengths that are especially relevant to these areas.

ACM opportunities can be found in every sector from nonprofit organizations, education, and government to Fortune 500 companies. Whether you are interested in working in a museum, a lifestyle start-up, a civic arts council, a classroom, an established corporation, somewhere in-between, or somewhere beyond, you can find positions. Students and alumnae are encouraged to get started by exploring the resources below and scheduling an appointment in Handshake to meet with Destiny Barletta, the Career Community Advisor for Arts, Communications, and Media.



Communications Resources

Communications, advertising, market research and development, marketing, and journalism, are explored in the resources below.

Media Resources

Learn more about working in media, publishing, and entertainment industries.

Arts, Communications, Media

Green Hall 441
106 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02481
Tel 781-283-3455

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Top Job Functions

Class of 2019 Top Job Functions in the Arts, Communication, and Media Community
Writing / Editing
Business Development
Design / Art
Marketing — General
Media & PR
Operations / Production

ACM Graduates in the World

What they studied Where they work or attend graduate school What they do
English Connie Chen Master Penman Calligrapher
Political Science NESN Prize Videographer
Media Arts and Sciences & Music Self Employed Graphic Designer
American Studies United Talent Agency Agent Trainee
Architecture & Women's and Gender Studies Sasaki Agent Trainee
Art Studio Maven Pictures Script Coverage Intern
Media Arts and Sciences B-Reel Strategy Intern
Psychology Smithsonian Institution Claudine Brown Intern in Education
Art History & Italian Studies Crozier Fine Arts Art and Artifact Handler
English & Education Studies Scholastic Editorial Assistant
English & Art History The Cape Courier Reporter and Copy Editor
Indiv-Ethnic Studies Slate Social Media Editor/Writer
Peace and Justice Studies Brilliant Earth Assistant Manager of Customer Experience
Media Arts and Sciences & Economics The Outloud Group Account Executive & Media Planner
Art History The Louvre Museum Intern
Political Science & Economics National Palace Museum Fellow
Computer Science ESPN Software Engineer
English Anaphora Literary Press Editorial Intern
Classics NBC Sports Regional Networks Digital Editor
Architecture & Chinese Language and Culture DHK Architects, Inc. Architectural Intern
Russian Independent Documentary Director
Computer Science & Asian American Studies Comcast CORE Technology Associate
Art History Sotheby's Graduate Trainee
American Studies deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum Development and Membership Coordinator
English CNBC News Associate
Architecture Nichols, Melburg & Rossetto Architects + Engineers Project Technician
Media Arts and Sciences & Economics TAIT Design Co. Co-founder
Computer Science & Mathematics Spotify Data Engineer
English & Art Studio Hachette Book Group Audio Intern
English & Economics W. W. Norton & Company Editorial Assistant
* Highlighted outcomes from 2019 graduates

The Gig Economy

Destiny M. Barletta

If full-time, permanent, salaried positions are difficult to find in the area you want to work (as is often the case in creative fields), gig work, freelancing, or a side hustle related to your interests could be a good way to gain experience and build your resume. Gig work can also be a path to meeting life’s practical obligations while honing your craft or perusing creative goals.


Destiny M. Barletta

Today's entertainment industry includes everything from the large scale productions of the Hollywood studio system, to the independent work being done within smaller markets, to the new media offerings adapting at the fringe of established distribution channels. A lot of attention and publicity is given to the “above the line” careers such as directing, producing, writing, and acting, but just as many career opportunities are available within support industries like post-production, entertainment law, talent representation, public relations and marketing, and social media.

“I think art’s first goal is to remind us that we are human...”

Princeton Review: Discounted Test Preparation

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Wellesley Career Education is pleased to announce a partnership with Princeton Review that will enable Wellesley students and alumnae to purchase test review products at a discount!

Career Education Covid-19 Impact & Support: FAQs

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Wellesley Career Education

This page provides updates to students and alumnae about how Career Education can support you throughout the coronavirus outbreak, including information about how to make virtual appointments with our team, learn about Career Education events, and keep updated on the impact to experiential learning (internships, fellowships, and civic engagement).

May 30, 2020

Wellesley's Alice C. Cole ’42 Wellesley College Graduate Fund - expected application deadline

Wellesley College graduates of the past 5 years or those within 5 years of finishing a graduate degree in fine art or a related field, who are practicing artists.

Postgraduate, International Student

For creation and exhibition of painting and sculpture

The Alice C. Cole ’42 Wellesley College Graduate Fund provides project-based support to Wellesley College graduates for the development, production, and exhibition of new work in painting or sculpture. The fund enables promising Wellesley College artist graduates to set aside time for artistic development as well as to purchase materials, rent studio space, or access facilities for the creation of new projects. The award does not provide workspace on campus, but does present an opportunity to exhibit...