Department of Religion Summer Opportunities

The Religion Department offers both research and grant opportunities for students pursuing summer experiences.

Eligibility: These programs are open to current Wellesley College first-years, sophomores and juniors.

How to Apply: 

Please prepare the following materials and submit in PDF format via the Centralized Internships Application form:

  • Resume
  • Transcript (unofficial from Workday)
  • If applying for the Luce Moore faculty research opportunity, a cover letter describing research interests
  • If applying for the Severinghaus award, an essay describing proposed placement(s)

Application Deadline: Friday, March 26, 2021 at 11:30 pm (Boston time)


Elisabeth Luce Moore Summer Research Internships in Religion

Established in 2016, the Department of Religion sponsors internships on campus during the summer for students to conduct research under the supervision of individual faculty members. For Summer 2021, the Department will offer up to two opportunities; each is funded at a maximum of $3,500, with an expected commitment of 35 hours/week for 10 weeks. Typical research projects include bibliographic research, online database investigations, archival work in campus and local libraries, special computer work such as mapping, and, occasionally, translation. Professors Steve Marini and Eric Jarrard are each offering a research opportunity this summer. Click on the button below to learn more about research projects available. 

Professor Stephen Marini is searching for a student intern in Summer 2021 to assist in preparing a series of 15 maps that visualize the growth and development of religion in colonial and Revolutionary America, 1730-1795. The intern will transfer detailed data on each denomination into Excel files that in turn will generate maps of religious communities for each county from Maine to Georgia through the Geographic Information System Mapping program (GIS). This Digital Humanities project will produce a set of research maps with unprecedented detail and range. Proficiency in Excel and GIS is required, as well as an interest in early American history and religion. This work can be completed remotely. Tech support will be available through the LTS staff.

Severinghaus Summer Internship Program in Ministry/Human Services

Memory of Eamavail Luce Severinghaus ‘24

The Religion Department oversees the Severinghaus Summer Internship Program in Ministry/Human Services. The Program supports students who wish to pursue internships in ministry, human services and/or religion in society.

Students may elect to engage in research or hands-on work through positions with humanitarian or social action agencies, charitable or religious organizations or policy-based institutes.

Recently funded projects include the following:

  • Asian & Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV/AIDS
  • Bread for the World
  • Camp Whatchamacallit
  • Come Let's Dance
  • Gawou Ginou King Foundation
  • Interfaith Hospital Network
  • Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust
  • Rosemount Center
  • St. Stephen’s Youth Programs
  • The Street Child Project
  • Wheelchairs of Hope


  1. The program is open to current Wellesley College first-years, sophomores and juniors. The Religion Department will sponsor up to 3 students.
  2. The deadline to apply is March 26 at 11:30pm.
  3. For Summer 2021, internships must be remote. The maximum stipend award is $3,500.
  4. Students are expected to devote full-time to the internship for a period of 8–10 weeks.