CLCE General Funding Application

General Event Funding

CLCE will provide funding for events that will educate and enrich the Wellesley community.  These events include, but are not necessarily limited to; lectures, panels, workshops, performances, and conferences. CLCE events must be open to all College Community members.

The CLCE meets during the academic year to review applications and make decisions on funding. Please note that all applications for in-person events will need to go through a second step of approval by the Provost’s Office.  

2023-24 Application Deadlines:

Fall 2023: Thursday, September 7, 2023

Spring 2024: Thursday, February 1, 2024



  General Event online application, click here to apply


Late applications will NOT be considered. There are no exceptions. Applications must be submitted by 11:59pm on the respective due date. Please allow 10-14 days from the application deadline to receive a response from the committee. 

If your computer is left idle the application may time out. Please be sure to save your application if you anticipate leaving your computer idle. Once an application has been successfully submitted, the applicant will receive an automated confirmation email. Please reach out to if you did not receive confirmation.


Student Annual Cultural Events:

The Office of Intercultural Education is now managing the application process for annual cultural

events organized by student organizations advised by the Office of Intercultural Education and the

Slater International Center. To apply please complete the following link.

 General Event Guidelines


  1. Consultation (Faculty/Staff): It is mandatory to consult (via email) with a Member of the CLCE at least one week prior to the application deadline. 


  1. Consultation (Students): Students must consult with the Student Services Representative (Jessica Grady, Director of Student Involvement & Leadership) at least one week prior to the application deadline. Consultation must occur prior to negotiating a contract with the speaker/performer.


  1. Co-Sponsorship: All events must apply for co-sponsorship from other departments, committees, or student groups. CLCE looks for proposals with significant financial support and/or significant programming assistance from other constituencies. CLCE is the funder of last resort. Students are encouraged to seek funds from other student groups and to approach academic departments only in the case of events connected with the work of that department. 


  1. Event purpose/goals: Each event must have a title that clearly identifies the event purpose.  The application must describe the estimated audience size, event goals, the focus of the event, featured speaker/performer, and ways in which the event will benefit the Wellesley College community.  


  1. Honorarium & Speaker Fees (will not be awarded to Wellesley Faculty):
    • Honorarium: paid to speakers who hold an academic appointment at an institution of higher education. Must not exceed $1,500.
    •  Speaker Fee: paid to speakers who are not affiliated with an institution of higher education.
    • We expect fees will be lower for virtual-only events as opposed to in-person events with an online component. In-person events are more likely to receive funding if they include a streaming or virtual component that makes the event available online


  1. No Admission fee: or cover fee may be charged to Wellesley College students, faculty or staff for events funded through the CLCE. Admission fee or cover fee may be charged to off-campus persons only to offset costs of the event. Any profit made or unused funds must be returned to the CLCE.


  1. Scheduling: Please visit the Events and Scheduling Office website for current guidelines and resources.
  • Reference the Scheduling FAQ on the Event's Office website
  • Review the Key Dates & Community Calendar. Events should be scheduled to avoid conflict with already scheduled events and religious holidays. The end of semesters, particularly the spring semester, tend to become heavily scheduled. We urge those proposing events to seek dates in the earlier part of the semester whenever possible.
  • Events (including virtual events) must be scheduled on-line at 25Live. Events should be scheduled so as to maximize the potential audience
  • For further assistance, contact the appropriate scheduling office (listed on Scheduling FAQ site) to review potential dates for conflict


  1. Zoom: Review Zoom FAQs and Tips on the Zoom LTS tech support site.


  1. Budget: The proposed budget should be as specific as possible. When preparing your budget, consider the following list (in addition to other costs)
    • Honorarium ($1,500 max; cannot be Wellesley faculty)
    • Transportation (to and from the College), airfare and/or taxi
    • Lodging and meals for lecturer/performer
    • Dinner off campus and/or reception for guests of event within reason and students must be included.
    • Publicity expenses
    • Custodial services, sound systems, and media service
    • Other costs specific to the event type - Budget Clarity
      • Food budget (within reason).Please provide the following details:
        • ​​​​Name of vendor(s)
        • Attach invoice/price quote from vendor(s)
        • cost per person


   10. Sustainability: We strongly encourage applicants to reference the Office of Sustainability's Zero Waste Guidelines


    11. Event Wrap Up Report: must be submitted to at the conclusion of your event.


Please note:

  • Proposals for events that have already occurred will not be funded. Also, once the CLCE has approved an application, the Committee will not consider any requests for additional funds for the same event. You may only apply once for each event.

CLCE does not fund:

  • Alcohol
  • Gifts
  • Events for members only and/or not open to the entire College Community
  • Honoraria to current Wellesley Faculty
  • Items described as “Miscellaneous”

CLCE Decision Criteria:

I.  Successful applications:

  • Will enhance and educate the Wellesley College community
  • Include all application materials
  • Have been submitted by the published deadline
  • Clearly state event title
  • Explain significance of event for the community
  • Explain items listed in budget proposal
  • When necessary, contracts have been reviewed by appropriate CLCE members

II. Amount of funding requested can be reduced under the following circumstances:

  • Budget details are not carefully constructed.
  • CLCE has limited funding and is not able to match the entire request.
  • Application lacks significant co-sponsorship.

III. Applications can be rejected without a chance of re-submission under the following circumstances:

  • The proposed event does not appear to educate and/or enrich the Wellesley College community and therefore will not satisfy the mission of the CLCE.
  • Funding is being asked for an event that has already occurred.
  • An Honor Code violation occurred in the submission of the proposal (e.g., falsification of relevant event information, plagiarism, etc.).