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Stone Center Counseling Services: Mondays - Friday 8:30 - 4:30 / Closed on Holidays. We are offeringTelemental Health Counseling Services.  Please call for an appointment 781-283-2839. Choose option 3 to leave a message and some times staff can call you back to schedule, or email counseling@wellesley.edu with your ID# and the best times that would work with your schedule, Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm

New for Fall 2021:  All new and returning clients will be entered in our new system and complete intake paperwork after consulting staff by phone.  Both new and returning clients  seeking to connect with a prescriber, should schedule to see a counselor first.  

URGENT SUPPORT: ProtoCall is in effect 24/7, 365  This service is intended for brief supportive counseling when students feel they cannot wait for a scheduled appointment, or it is after business hours and they really need to connect with a counselor.

When you call our office you will hear three choices if the office staff are not available: 

Our main number is 781-283-2839, 24/7.

Press 1 to talk to the On-Call Clinician

Press 2 to connect with Campus Police

Press 3 to leave a NON-URGENT message for the Stone Center


Wellesley College values student mental health and wellbeing. The Stone Center offers a range of services to support student resilience and psychological growth. We offer time-limited services, with most students coming for an average of 6-8 sessions. Students may also come and go as support is needed during their time at college.  For individuals seeking ongoing or weekly psychotherapy, we can arrange for a referral to a counselor or clinic in the Wellesley or Boston area or where you are residing.  We also recommend purchasing the College Insurance, University Health Plans, to assist with the cost of therapy by an off-campus provider.  There is no additional charge for our services, but medication is covered by a student’s medical insurance. 

Thinking about more active steps to take care of your mental health? You can find additional information about the following resources on our Self-Help Resources page.

Explore Taking Care of Yourself, to see if there is a resource we have collected that could benefit you. We believe in a holistic view of mental health self-care. We recommend you take the WellN.E.S.St. screening to see if there is an area you could improve on. You can also check out our Stress Management Techniques.  Self-serve resources are an important service we offer students to begin to address a variety of concerns.

There are many ways to get help. WellTrack is offered to Wellesley students as a free, interactive self-help app to support your mental health and well-being. Based on cognitive-behavioral approaches, the app focuses on three primary concerns: Anxiety, Stress and Depression.

WellTrack features:

  • Wellness assessments for depression, anxiety, and stress

  • Moodcheck feature to track your mood and better understand how your activities, social network, and environment affect how you feel

  • Educational videos

  • Tools and courses, including Activity Scheduler, Thought Diary, Fun Achievement, and the Zen Room.

You can take an anonymous Mental Health Online Screening, and explore whether counseling might be a good option. Take a screening and bring it to a counselor to talk over your results.

We offer outreach workshops and programs such as our popular, Coping with Procrastination and Fresh Check Day Mental Health Fair. We collaborate with peer health educators on a variety of topics throughout the year, because we believe in the power of role modeling and social norming regarding self-care. Check out Groups and Workshops


Is a therapy or support group the right choice for me?

During this time, group therapy and support groups are great for students to break through the isolation caused by social distancing. Do you want to experience a space where you can share your concerns and feel you are not alone with them? We typically run about 5-6 groups per semester and students make a commitment to attend and uphold one another’s privacy and confidentiality. Check out Groups and Workshops for up-to-date information. Student requests have helped shape the development of these offerings. Requests or questions about groups or workshops can be directed to Jan Park, Assistant Director of Group & Outreach Activities at jpark23@wellesley.edu.

Individual Telemental Health Appointments

In the first appointment, we will meet to determine a plan with you about how to best address your needs and goals.  We offer assistance for students who need help sorting out what is getting in the way of feeling and being their best, whether that is due to anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, an eating disorder or substance misuse problem, or other challenges they may be facing.

We work with students who are ready to understand themselves in a new way, develop personal insight, and make active changes in their lives in order to feel better. Sometimes this can happen quickly and sometimes longer-term help is needed.  Students will fill out intake paperwork prior to their first telehealth appointment and then update it each academic year of receiving services.

Whatever your needs, feel free to talk with one of us. We recommend you read our staff bios to see if anyone might seem like a good fit for you but know that we all have the expertise of listening to many student’s experiences over the years and have a wealth of knowledge to use in helping you.

To schedule your first appointment in the 2021-2022 academic year, please call 781-283-2839 or email counseling@wellesley.edu with your ID# and the best times that would work with your schedule, Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm.  We are transitioning to a new system and hope to enable some self-scheduling for established clients.  We appreciate your patience as we do this. 

Medication Appointments

For students who have been taking or need to consider taking prescription medication, we can work collaboratively with a prescriber, either on or off campus. When there is a wait to see a prescriber, please reach back to your home prescriber if you have one, for additional refills. New and returning students need to meet first with a counselor before scheduling with a Stone Center prescriber. If you have an off-campus therapist, a Psychiatry/Medication Referral Form and Consent Form will need to be completed and reviewed by our Psychiatrist prior to your appointment. Most students are in ongoing, regular therapy while taking a medication, either on or off campus. Medication management is coordinated with home and off-campus prescribers, to allow for treatment during breaks, over summer, and to make plans for study abroad.  See our Information Sheet Regarding ADHD and for extensive details, see our Psychiatry/Medication Information sheet.

Urgent Care and Emergencies

In adherence to COVID-19 safety guidelines, we are not accepting walk-in services at this time.

  • Our after-hours' service (ProtoCall) is currently in effect 24/7, 365 days. Call our office at 781.283.2839 and Press 1 to access the on-call clinician. ProtoCall works with the Stone Center to assure continuity of care.

  • If you need to reach the Stone Center during business hours (Weekdays, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm), call 781.283.2839, Press 3 to leave a message, and our staff will get back to you. The Clinician-of-the-Day will arrange to be available to help with urgent concerns, consultation, or emergencies, in addition to their offering regularly scheduled appointments.

  • If counseling staff are unavailable in an emergency, Press 2, or call Campus Police at 781.283.5555. 

Referrals for additional services

Our Student Care Coordinator and staff can assist you with a referral if you are seeking regular weekly appointments, or specialized treatment.  When students have been in long-term, psychotherapy, or have had prior intensive treatment, they may need an off-campus referral to meet that level of expectation or need.  Ask your therapist about arranging a referral appointment or call the office to schedule an appointment.  If you are seeking a neuropsychological evaluation, please consult Assessibility and Diasbility Resources for a referral.  Stone Center does not offer psychological testing services, but may be able to help answer questions about referral options. 

Please feel free to consult about care, if you are planning to study abroad. 

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with our Student Care Coordinator, Sandra Acevedo, please contact the Stone Center Counseling Service, 781.283.2839, or email counseling@wellesley.edu with your ID# and the best times that would work with your schedule, Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm and request to schedule a referral appointment.