Spring Break Tips

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Spring Break Tips

Spring break can be a welcome respite from a busy and challenging academic term, and can also bring up homesickness and transition issues. Below are some tips for managing time over spring break, especially for those not traveling home.

If you can go away for Spring Break, by all means do so. It is a time for a break and it is okay to take advantage of it.

If someone invites you home with them, accept the invitation. Don't be bashful.

If you are planning to stay on campus, research in advance others who will also be around. See who will be around in your residence hall, among your friends, etc., and make plans with them, in advance.

During your free time, plan to get together and rent movies, eat popcorn, walk to town, eat a cone or dish of ice cream or frozen yogurt, or enjoy a casual chat and coffee at Starbucks.

Organize a pajama party and sleep in the same space and have fun....

Remember that this break is also a good time to catch up on your work.

If going home, take one or two assignments to study, and focus on those one or two tasks. Do not bring all of your work/books home, only to bring them all back unopened.

Let family and friends know in advance that you have work to do. Allow yourself the first night or two for rest and relaxation, and to be with family and/or friends.

It is important that you set some time aside to study. Set a schedule in advance and let others know when you have to work and when you can play.

If it is too distracting at home to get your work done, go to your local library for a set period of time.

If on campus, you can do the same. Schedule chunks of time to work and chunks of time to play, and let others know your schedule.
Check online for activities on campus, the bus schedule, where you can eat, etc.

Remember that we all need breaks and it is okay to both work and play during this break if you need to catch up.