The Forest

You’re walking along a path deep in the forest. All around you there are tall trees … pine, fir, redwood, oak, … try to see them. The rushing sound of the wind blowing through the treetops is so soothing, allowing you to let go. You can smell the rich dampness of the forest floor, the smell of the earth and new seedlings and rotting leaves. Now you look up through the treetops until you can see a light blue sky. You notice how high the sun is in the sky. As the sun enters the canopy of the treetops, it breaks into rays which waft their way down through the trees to the forest floor. You’re watching the intricate patterns of light and shadow created as the light filters down through the trees. The forest feels like a great primeval cathedral … filling you with a sense of peace and reverence for all living things.

Off in a distance, you can hear the sound of rushing water echoing through the forest. It gets louder as you approach, and before long you are at the edge of the mountain stream. You’re looking at the stream, noticing how clear and sparkling the water is. Imagine sitting down and making yourself very comfortable. You might sit down on a flat rock up against a tree or you might even decide to lay down on a grassy slope. You can see the mountain stream creating rapids as it moves, rushing around a variety of large and small rocks. These rocks are many shades of brown, gray, and white and some are covered with moss. You can see the sparkling water rushing over some and around others, making whirlpools and eddies. The rushing sound of the water is so peaceful that you can just let yourself drift … relaxing more and more.

You take in a deep breath of fresh air and breathe out, finding the subtle smells of the forest very refreshing. As you let yourself sink into the soft bed of grass or dead leaves or fragrant pine needles beneath you, you can let go of any strains or concerns … allowing the sights, sounds, and smells of this beautiful wooded area to fill you with a deep sense of peace.