Passive Muscle Relaxation Script:

Start out by taking two or three deep breaths … and let yourself settle back into the chair, the bed, or wherever you happen to be right now … making yourself fully comfortable. Let this be a time just for yourself, putting aside all worries and concerns of the day … and making this a time just for you … letting each part of your body begin to relax … starting with your feet. Just imagine your feet letting go and relaxing right now … letting go of any excess tension in your feet. Just imagine it draining away … and as your feet are relaxing, imagine relaxation moving up into your calves. let the muscles in your calves unwind and loosen up and let go … allow any tension you’re feeling in your calves to just drain away easily and quickly … and as your calves are relaxing, allow relaxation to move up into your thighs… letting the muscles in your thighs unwind and smooth out and relax completely. You might begin to feel your legs from the waist down to your feet becoming more and more relaxed. You might notice your legs becoming heavy as they relax more and more. Continuing now to let the relation move to your hips … feeling the excess tension in your hips dissolve and flow away. And as soon you might allow relaxation to move into your stomach area … just letting go of any strain or uncomfortableness in your stomach… let it all go right now, imaging deep sensations of relaxation spreading all around your stomach… and continuing to allow the relaxation to move up into your chest. All the muscles in your chest can unwind and loosen up and let go. Each time you exhale, you might imagine breathing away any remaining  tension in your chest until your chest feels completely relaxed … and you find it easy to enjoy the good feeling of relaxation as it deepens and develops throughout your chest, stomach area, and your legs. And shortly, you might allow relaxation to move to your shoulders … just letting deep sensations of calmness and relaxation spread all through the muscles of your shoulders … allowing your shoulders to drop … allowing them to feel completely relaxed. And you might now allow the relaxation in your shoulders to move down into your arms, spreading into your upper arms, down into your elbows and forearms, and finally all the way down to your wrists and hands … letting your arms relax … enjoying the good feeling of relaxation in your arms … putting aside your worries, any uncomfortable, unpleasant thoughts right now … letting yourself be totally in the present moment as you let yourself relax more and more. You can feel relaxation moving into your neck now. All the muscles in your neck just unwind, smooth out, and relax completely. Just imagine the muscles in your neck loosening up just like a knotted cord being unraveled. And soon, the relaxation can move into your chin and jaws … allowing your jaws to relax … letting your jaws loosen up, and as they are relaxing, you can imagine relaxation moving into the areas around your eyes. Any tension around your eyes can just dissipate and flow away as you allow your eyes to relax completely. Any eyestrain just dissolves now and your eyes can fully relax. And you let your forehead relax too … letting the muscles in the forehead smooth out and relax completely … noticing the weight of your head against whatever it’s resting on as you allow your entire head to relax completely. Just enjoying the good  feeling of relaxation all over now … letting yourself drift deeper and deeper into quietness and peace … getting more in touch with that place inside of perfect stillness and serenity.