Stress Management and Relaxation Resources for Health and Wellness

Important Information to Review Before Trying Any of These Approaches:

  1. All of these methods are safe and are not dangerous. However, if you find during any of these exercises, that the feelings that arise for you become too uncomfortable or are too intense or upsetting to you, please stop listening and call the Stone Center at 781-283-2839 to schedule an appointment Mon-Fri between the hours of 8:30-4:30. If it is after hours, you can call the same number and you will be connected to a clinician on call.  Also, during the Progressive Relaxation Exercises, you do not need to tense your muscles too tightly, as you do not want to  strain anything. Also, if you do have any muscle soreness, either avoid tensing that muscle group altogether, or be very gentle, to avoid possible injury.

  2. Because these methods allow you to enter into a relaxed, almost dreamlike state, you must never play these scripts or practice these when you are driving. Please ensure that you  and make sure you allow at least 10 minutes after returning to an alert state of mind before engaging in any physical activity which may require sufficient coordination.

  3. Finally, make sure that you always do the last part of the exercise which serves to reground and reorient you back to the present feeling calm and alert.

  4. Practicing these methods once or twice a day  will provide the maximum benefit- decreasing stress and tension and helping to improve mood and relieve anxiety.