WellTrack Boost

Welltrack Boost is a self-guided, clinically supported, CBT-based, set of tools that help individuals assess, understand, and work on their own behavioral health and wellness.


Download the Welltrack Boost app to your mobile devices and register for an account with your @wellesley.edu email address for full access:


 WellTrack on App Store WellTrack on Google Play


Students can also access this tool by registering using their Wellesley.edu email address here


If you are having trouble signing up, please contact WellTrack Boost support team @ support@welltrack.com


WellTrack Boost features:  

  • Wellness assessments for stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Cognitive Behavioral Self-help Therapy short courses:  Welltrack Boost courses are based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. We help you tackle the most common mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Courses are delivered in short informational bites, designed with an emphasis on actionable steps creating healthy habits.

  • Boost Tools, including Zen Room, MoodCheck, Activity Scheduler, Fun and Achievement Tracker, Calendar, Thought Distortions Quiz, Thought Diary and Resilience Skills for Everyday Thriving!

  • Tools for tracking your progress