Del Sol Quartet

Del Sol Quartet

Guest Artist Concert and Residency: Del Sol Quartet

Apr 17, 2021, 7:30 PM
Free and open to the public

The Del Sol Quartet believes music can, and should, happen anywhere. This concert features music from composers today— ranging from the beautiful, to the joyous, to the political—with commissions from their “Pacific Pythagorean Music Festival” and their “Joy Project.” This performance is part of their spring residency with the music department, including workshops, classes, and clinics to Chamber Music groups.


  • Erberk Eryilmaz “Ankara Havasi Goes Bananas”
  • Theresa Wong “Lake Above Lake”
  • Andrew Rodriguez “Sometimes Bursting”
  • Mark Orton “Microsuite”
  • Erika Oba “Akoya”
  • Jungyoon Wie “A Popular Tune”
  • Julius Eastman “Gay Guerrilla”

View the Del Sol Quartet for more information and watch the livestream concert (live from their house!) on Wellesley College Concert Series YouTube channel.

Although Del Sol Quartet began in New Mexico, the quartet quickly found its home in San Francisco where the city matched their hunger for innovation. They feel drawn to the West Coast tradition of freethinking outsider artists, fascinated by the feedback loop between social change, technology, and artistic innovation. Their current lineup, marked by the arrival of violinist Sam Weiser alongside mainstays Charlton Lee, Kathryn Bates and Ben Kreith, looks to bring a fresh energy, freedom, and precision to their diverse repertoire. While they are deeply rooted in the Bay Area, their performances take them all over the country, from Boonville Grange Hall in the northern California redwoods, to the Library of Congress in Washington DC, to the Yampa River in Utah, to Miller Theatre in NYC.

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Generously supported by:

the Marjorie Copland Baum Memorial Fund and the Florence Jeup Ford ’22, Mary M. Crawford ’22, and Virginia Ford ’48 Artist in Residence Endowment Fund.

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Lenny Gonzalez