Dr. Jade S. Sasser

Dr. Jade S. Sasser

The Betsy Wood Knapp ’64 Lecture, featuring Dr. Jade Sasser

No Future for Us? Young People Navigating Climate Anxiety and the Kid Question
Apr 2, 4 PM
Tishman Commons, Lulu Chow Wang Campus Center
Free and open to the public

Dr. Jade S. Sasser is Associate Professor in the Department of Gender & Sexuality Studies at the University of California, Riverside. She received her PhD in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management from the University of California, Berkeley.

Her work explores how environmental problems such as climate change and toxic exposures intersect with reproductive bodies, health, and rights. Her first book, On Infertile Ground: Population Control and Women’s Rights in the Era of Climate Change, was published in 2018 by NYU Press and won the Emory Elliott book award. Her new book, Climate Anxiety and the Kid Question: Deciding Whether to Have Children in an Uncertain Future (2024), analyzes the relationship between race and reproductive anxiety in the midst of climate crisis. She also has a podcast on the same topic.

In her free time, Sasser is a DJ at her campus radio station, where she plays R&B and soul music.

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the Knapp Social Science Fund, the Frost Center for the Environment through the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas ’12 Lecture Fund, and the departments of Environmental Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies.

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Jade Sasser, UC Riverside