Solange Ashby

Solange Ashby

Women of the Sacred South

A discussion by Solange Ashby
Mar 7, 4 PM
Knapp Atrium, Pendleton East
Open to the Wellesley College campus community only

The prominence of powerful goddesses, the reverence awarded to the queen mothers of Kush, and a series of sole-ruling queens (one of whom led her army in battle against the invading Romans), highlight the unusually high status of women in these ancient African societies along the Nile and serve as a fitting focus for the study of female power in the ancient world. This lecture by Solange Ashby will examine more closely the queens, priestesses, and goddesses who were exceptionally prominent in ancient Nubia. Focusing on four specific women, she will explore how ancient Africans of the Nile Valley understood female power and presence to be an essential enlivening element in maintaining Maat, the balance of male and female energies, in order to cultivate “divine right order” in the world and in the cosmos.

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