Office Directory

Office Directory

Staff Member Main Program Areas Extension Email

Cindy Cox

General Admin Support 3496 ccox

Gerard Euell

Learning Management System, Chemical Inventories, Newsletter, File/Document Management, General Admin Support 1020 ge1

Suzanne Howard Director

Biosafety, Emergency Management, Environmental Programs, Ergonomics, Wastewater 3882 showard
Victor Hult
EHS Officer
Building Hazmat (ie. Lead, asbestos), Construction Safety/Project Mgmt Support, Hazardous Waste, Emergency Response 3483 vh100

Robert Cunha &

Ken Tremblay
Fire Safety Officer

Hotwork Review, Fire and Life Safety 3885 rcunha
Dawn Toon
EHS Officer
OSHA Programs, Lab and Studio Art Safety Programs, Workers Comp Support 2762 dt100

Jessica Healey with EH&E - Biosafety
Sean Gelinas with EH&E - General Lab Safety
Ryan Crawford with EHI - Technician
Brian Blenkhorn with ACV - Regulated Waste (ie. Hazardous, Medical, Univeral, Electronic)