Role Documentation

Role Documentation

The foundation of our Develop You and Reward You programs is the understanding and documentation of our roles at work and the competencies needed to succeed in these roles. A role document provides a clear statement of accountabilities, skills and expectations and provides basic information for the employee and their supervisor.

Role documentation is a key tool in effective performance assessment and performance management because it defines the skills required, articulates appropriate goals and can be used to evaluate progress.

  • The role document outlines the information needed to classify a role into the appropriate level.
  • Accurate role documentation allows Human Resources to compare roles across similar organizations so that they can be matched to appropriate salary surveys.
  • The role document serves as a College (and candidate) resource during the recruiting process.


Role classification compares the roles of employees throughout the College and determines the "level" of each role in terms of skills and pay opportunities. A new role document and reclassification request form must be completed if an existing role changes significantly. View the process for role classification.

For a copy of your own role document (or the role document for someone you supervise), please contact Kelly Robinson, Director of Total Rewards, at or 781-283-2215