Wellesley's Support

Wellesley's Role in Supporting Mastercard Foundation Scholars

“We are delighted to welcome Wellesley's Mastercard Scholars to Wellesley College, where they will receive an excellent liberal arts education, enjoy the historical and cultural heritage of the Boston area, and make lasting friendships with fellow students from the United States and around the world. Wellesley alumnae from Africa have gone on to outstanding careers, including medicine, law, education, diplomacy, business, social work, NGO work, as well as politics.”

—Dr. Filomina C. Steady, Professor Emerita of Africana Studies; Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Faculty Advisor, Retired (pictured above)

An on-campus team of staff and faculty provide ongoing support

Faculty Advisors help Scholars navigate the academic parameters of the College and assist them in course selection, development of effective study routines, and skills to access Wellesley's academic, social, and cultural resources. Faculty Advisors encourage Scholars to be involved in activities that will develop their leadership capabilities as well as good communication and inter-personal skills. In addition, they work closely with Scholars as they prepare for graduate school, post-graduate internships, or employment and will continue to assist them as they advance toward their path to leadership positions in Africa. The following team members assist Mastercard Foundation Scholars during the 2019-2020 academic year at Wellesley: 

Tana Ruegamer, Advisor to International Students; Director of Slater International Center

Dean Ines Maturana Sendoya, Associate Dean of Students for Inclusion and Engagement, Office of Intercultural Education

Karen Ossen, Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations (Office for Resources)

Dr. Elizabeth Siwo, Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Advisor


Mastercard Committee Members

Ama Agumeh, Career Community Advisor


Dr. Tracey L. Cameron, Assistant Dean of Office of Intercultural Education; Director of Harambee House; Advisor for Students of African Descent


Karenza “Kari” DiFonzo, Director of Student Financial Services; Assistant Dean of Administration and Financial Aid


Dean Rebecca A. Garcia, Dean of the Class of 2020 (M-Z) and Director of Wellesley First


Dr. Pamela L. Taylor, Assistant Provost, Institutional Planning and Assessment


Faculty Advisors

Dr. Ama Baafra Abeberese, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics


Dr. Liseli A. Fitzpatrick, Visiting Lecturer, Africana Studies