Zoom Installation and Signing In

Zoom Installation and Signing in

Zoom Installation

You’ll need to install the Zoom application to join or host a Zoom meeting, and for faculty/staff to use Zoom phone. Install the Zoom application from https://zoom.us/support/download. You can install the Zoom application on Macs, Windows PCs, and mobile devices.


Signing into Zoom Application

It’s important that anyone hosting or joining a meeting properly sign in to their Zoom application. By signing in, your Wellesley account is recognized when you join other Wellesley meetings and you avoid being placed in the waiting room. For faculty and staff, signing in to the application is also necessary to ensure your Zoom phone calls ring on your device.

See our short video on how to sign into Zoom or follow the instructions below.

1. Open the Zoom application on your device. If the application is not on your dock:

  • On Mac, open Finder>Applications>Zoom.us.

  • On Windows, select the bottom left Windows icon, then from the applications list scroll down to the Zoom folder and open Zoom.

2. Click Sign In and then Sign In with SSO.

3. Then put wellesley (no .edu) in the company domain field and click Continue.

4. The Wellesley login page will open in your browser. Proceed to sign in.

When signed in to the Zoom application, you’ll see a window with the following tabs at the top: Home, Chat, Phone (if faculty/staff), Meetings, and Contacts.


Signing into Zoom Web Portal

The Zoom web portal is used to schedule/start/edit/delete meetings, review cloud recordings, and manage your Zoom account. It is not a substitute for signing in to the Zoom application. If you prefer to schedule Zoom meetings directly in the Google Calendar, review Scheduling and Launching a Meeting

You can log in one of two ways:

1. Log in to the Wellesley Portal.

In the upper right hand corner of the Portal window, click on the Zoom button.

Your Wellesley Zoom web portal will launch.

2. Log in to the Wellesley Zoom Portal directly. Go to https://wellesley.zoom.us and click Sign In.


Starting or Joining A Meeting

You can start meetings that you have scheduled from the Zoom application or from your Zoom web portal. You can join a meeting by selecting a Zoom link in an email or calendar event and the Zoom application will launch.

For instructions on scheduling, starting or joining a meeting please visit Scheduling and Launching a Zoom Meeting and Zoom Meeting Fundamentals.