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Banner Bookshelf The Banner Bookshelf includes PDF files for SunGard Higher Education Banner documentation. To use these PDF files, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your machine. You can open, read, search, and print the PDF files. You can launch Banner, click on the link to bookshelf on the right, and then read or conduct searches from there.

How to Read SunGard Higher Education Banner Documentation via Banner Bookshelf Once the Bookshelf is open, you see two panes. The left pane contains a bookmark for each SunGard Higher Education Banner baseline and line extension product (Accounts Receivable, Advancement, Finance, Financial Aid, General, Human Resources, Student, etc.) The right pane is Banner Unified Digital Campus Bookshelf . Scroll through this document to see more information on the document.

When you click the plus sign in front of a product bookmark, the bookmark expands to show you bookmarks for that product's manual. When you click the plus sign in front of a manual bookmark, the bookmark expands to show you a list of the chapter in the manual. To open a chapter, click the chapter bookmark. Each chapter has its own bookmark.

How to Conduct Basic Search

How to Conduct Advanced Search

The Banner Search component also lets the users conduct advanced search: full-text searches of multiple files without having to find or open the individual files first.

Prerequisite for Advanced Search:

Steps to Conduct Advanced Search

SunGard Higher Education Listservs

SunGard Higher Education provides a set of Listservs (Electronic discussion lists) to allow users at Banner schools to communicate about Banner topics.

How to Browse/Read ListServs Wellesley provides centralized access to these listservs via conferences on FirstClass. The above listservs are available in the SCT Listservs conference. To access that conference in FirstClass click on Wellesley Conferences , then Banner , and then SCT Listservs . You may right click on any one (such as BAR-L) and then select Add to Desktop . As a result, BAR-L will be on your desktop. These conferences begin migration to Sakai sometime in the fall.