Request Budget Account and Security Access

Please complete BOTH Steps 1 and 2 in order to complete the process of requesting a Budget Services Account.

Step 1) Administrative Databases Security Authorization Form [doc file]

Employees requiring access to Administrative Databases (Banner ERP, Reporting Systems, and Data Mart) need to complete the following "Administrative Databases Security Authorization Form." This form should be completed prior to a new employee’s arrival on campus by either the hiring manager or the technical manager in the department. The employee can sign the form when they arrive on campus. Please return this form to LTS. For budget access check the box for Budget Reporting/Viewing.

Step 2) Complete and submit a Controller's Authorization form.

This form is only accessible by logging into MyWellesley, and then going to the "My Apps" tab. The form is listed in the left-most column. Please return this document to the Controller's Office.

  • Required Signature - Proper authorization is required for permission to finance access to funds and orgs. The form MUST be submitted by the department head. 

  • Submit the request online using the Controller's Authorization form.

  • Finance Security Feature – Banner allows you to limit access to funds and orgs. This access can also be limited to query access only. This will allow the user to view the finance information but not change it.