Banner ERP Search

Querying is the act of searching for information in the Banner database.

Queries can be made from inquiry, query, and most application forms; certain form even open in query mode by default.

Entering and Executing a Query | Places You can Query from | Using Wildcards with Queries | Tips for Wildcard Queries

Entering and Executing a Query The three different ways to enter and execute queries are use the Query menu, the toolbar, and keyboard shortcuts.

  • Query Menu
    • Enter: puts the form into Query mode so you can enter search criteria to see information already in the database.
    • Execute: searches the database and displays records that match your search criteria
    • Last Criteria: enters the criteria from your last search (enabled only when you are in Query mode).
    • Cancel: cancels the Query and takes the form out of Query mode.
    • Count Hits: displays number of records that match the search criteria on the Auto Hint line.
    • Fetch Next Set: if there are more records from a search than will fit in the window, clicking this option replaces the currently displayed records with the next set.
  • Toolbar
    • Enter Query -
    • Execute Query -
    • Cancel Query -
  • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Enter Query - F7
    • Execute Query - F8
    • Cancel Query - Ctrl+Q

Places You can Query from

  • Application Forms: you can query from an application form to see information that already exists in the system. In this case, you will be taken to another form to perform the search.
  • Validation Forms: some forms open with values already showing. In this case, it is easier to execute a query to find a specific record than to scroll through the entire list.

Using Wildcards with Queries A wildcard is a special character that represents other characters in an item. When searching for items, you can use the wildcard symbols % and _ in your search criteria.

  • % (percent sign) represents zero or more characters
  • _ (underscore) represents one of a character. Cannot be used in Name fields.
  • Examples
    • all entries that contain "ga" - %ga%
    • all entries that begin with "ga" - ga%
    • all entries that end with "ga" - %ga
    • all entries that have "g" as a second character - _g%

Tips for Wildcard Queries

  • Use the "%" sign to begin and end last name queries.
    • %Gogh%, V% to find Vincent Van Gogh.
    • %Klein%, Ke% to find Kevin F. Craig-Klein.
  • Use partial words when searching for names with Mc, Van, de, etc.
    • %Dona% to find McDonald.
    • %Bol% to find de Bolt.
  • Use partial words when searching for names that could be spelled differently.
    • Tra% to find Tracey, Tracy, Traci.
    • %ath% to find Kathryn, Katherine, Kathy, Cathy, Catherine.
  • Use common names for formal names.
    • Wil% to find William, Wilfred.
    • Bill to find William.
    • Rob% to find Robert, Roberta, Robby.
    • Cathy to find Catherine.
    • Jim to find James.