iTunes is an application developed by Apple which allows users to play and organize media files, manage mobile devices and some apps, and convert music files between various file types. iTunes comes preinstalled on all computers running Mac OS. iTunes can also be found on Wellesley’s computer lab computers running Windows.


  • Attempting to sync your device with a different computer than the one you normally use may erase the content already on that device. Exercise caution if you choose to connect your media player (iPhone, iPad, etc) to a public computer; carefully read any messages that pop up before clicking any buttons.
  • To make purchases or play previously purchased content using iTunes, you need to authorize your account on that computer. However, iTunes only allows an account to be authorized on up to 5 computers. If you authorize your personal iTunes account on a classroom or lab computer, it will count towards your authorization limit until you manually deauthorize it. For information on how to check the number of computers you’ve authorized with your account and how to deauthorize them, please see Apple’s Support Page on this topic.
  • Many newer Mac computers, such as those in the Knapp Center on the 1st floor of the Clapp Library, do not have built-in CD/DVD drives. To play, rip songs from, or burn a CD using iTunes, you will need to connect an External Optical Drive. A limited number of drives are available for circulation from the Clapp Desk on the 2nd floor of Clapp Library. To check availability and make a reservation online, see the information on the LTS Circulating Equipment Collection.


Apple’s iTunes Documentation

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