Convert a DAT to Audio CD

Convert Digital Audio Tapes (DATs) to Audio CDs

Where to find the Equipment to do this

Knapp Media and Technology Center - Station 19

Getting Started

Equipment used:

• TASCAM 202 CD-RW 750 Audio CD recorder/burner, Labeled ( B )

•Soundcraftsman Amplifier, Labeled ( A )

• R-DAT Player, Labeled ( D )

You need:
• A digital audio CD (CD-R or CD-RW)
• Time. This is a real-time process meaning it will take 60 minutes to record a 60-minute DAT. There is NO high-speed recording.
• To make sure the amount of time available to record on the CD-R or CD-RW matches that of the record. If not plan ahead of time how you want to divide it into separate CD's.
• To pay attention to the labels on the equipment. Pictures are also provided in this documentation to make the identification of the equipment simple.

To record/burn an DAT to a CD:

Make sure you follow these instructions carefully

1. Plug in your headset into the phones jack, Labeled (E) , on the TASCAM CD recorder/burner Labeled ( B ). This will allow you to listen to what you are recording.

2. Turn on the equipment in the order listed below:

• 1st: the amplifier, Labeled ( A ).
• 2nd: the TASCAM CD-RW recorder/burner, Labeled ( B ).When you turn on the TASCAM CD-RW recorder/burner it should say “Welcome” and then “No disc.”
• 3rd: the R-DAT player, Labeled ( D ).

3. Turn the Source knob, Labeled ( G) , that points to AV, phono, tuner & CD on the amplifier ( A ) to Phono. Do not rely on the visual markings of the knob they may be off. Make sure it’s the first notch up from the bottom.

4. Open the CD deck of the TASCAM CD-RW recorder/burner (B ) and place your CD title side up, then close the deck. The screen on the machine will then display "TOC Reading." Once it is done reading the CD it will display "No TOC" on the upper left hand corner in a box, and "Total 0tr 0:00" on the screen.

Useful Information About Your CD-R or CD-RW

  • TOC means Table of Contents and it tells you whether or not your CD has data already on it. If your CD is blank it should have No Table of Contents (No TOC). If a CD has data on it, it will show the number of tracks as well as the amount of time recorded on it.
  • If a CD is NOT finalized you can use it and add more tracks . If it is finalized you will not be able to modify it, meaning you will not be able to add any more tracks.
  • Please note that even though you can use a CD-RW, some machines may have problems with it.


5. Find the Input Select button, which is above the knob labeled ( H ), on the TASCAM CD-RW recorder/burner ( B ) and push it until it says Coaxial on the right side of the screen.

6. Put the R-DAT into the R-DAT player ( D ).

Useful Information About your Digital Audio Tape (DAT)

  • There are two types of digital processes which depend on the sampling frequencies of the DAT tape itself. If the sampling frequency is 44.1 kilohertz and you are satisfied with the volume of the original DAT, turn Digital Direct ON. If the sampling frequency is not 44.1 kilohertz or you want to adjust the volume as it is recorded on the CD, turn Digital Direct OFF. The Digital Direct button is on the TASCAM CD-RW recorder/burner (B ) above the knob labeled ( H ). The frequency of the tape is indicated in tiny numbers on the bottom right corner of the screen when you place it in the Digital Audio Recorder .


7. Push the Record button on the TASCAM recorder/burner ( B ).

8. After you push Record the screen will tell you it is "Waiting." Immediately, after the screen will display "1tr 0:00" At this point the system is waiting, NOT recording, it is paused, allowing you to set the sound levels.

9. Press Play on the R-DAT player ( D ). At this point you should be hearing your cassette in your headphones. If you do not get sound, try the Source Knob ( G) again, and check to make sure the headphones are plugged into CD-RW recorder/burner (B ).

10. Once you've established that you can hear sound set the DAT to where you want it using the Rewind and Fast Forward buttons and press Play .

11. To begin recording you need to push Pause on the TASCAM CD-RW recorder/burner ( B ) NOTE: When you initially pressed Record it allowed you to test whether or not you could listen to the tape. Pressing Pause will then allow you to begin burning your CD.

12. After recording/burning has begun the display on the TASCAM CD-RW recorder/burner ( B ) should indicate track number and the amount of time into the recording.

13. If you need to:

Flip or switch your DAT -- Press the Stop button and then the Open/Close button. Turn over or switch your tape then press play.
Record from another part of the DAT -- Press the Stop button and then Rewind or Fast Forward as necessary.

14. To begin recording again push the Pause button. The screen will then indicate the amount of time recorded on that track. On the bottom of the screen there will be a display showing you how many tracks you have recorded.

15. If you want to create separate tracks on the CD press Pause on the TASCAM CD-RW recorder/burner ( B ) this will then create a separate track on the CD. Push Pause again to record the subsequent track. Repeat this as many times as needed for all tracks necessary.

16. When recording is complete, press the Stop button on the TASCAM CD-RW recorder/burner ( B ).

17. If you wish to test your new CD, switch the Source Knob ( G) on the amplifier ( A ) to CD, do not rely on the visual markings it may be off. Make sure it’s the third notch up from the bottom, and press Play on the TASCAM CD-RW recorder/burner ( B ). Use the jog wheel on the TASCAM CD-RW to change tracks.

18. Until you Finalize your CD you may change records on it only if it's a CD-RW. You can remove the CD, use it again and add new tracks, and pick up where you left off but it will not play on standard CD players.

19. When the recording is complete, finalize your CD by pushing the Finalize button on the TASCAM CD-RW recorder/burner ( B ). The screen will display Finalize yes? Turn/rotate the jog wheel clockwise on the TASCAM CD-RW recorder/burner ( B ) located on the far right side and then press it to finalize your recording. Depending upon the length of your recording, it can take several minutes to finalize your CD.

Once you are done

20. Test your CD on some of the equipment available at the Knapp Media Center. You should test it on a PC, a MAC, and a CD player. Make sure the sound levels are ok and the CD sounds good.

21. Turn off ALL the equipment, order does not matter and remember to remove your CD and the DAT from the equipment. Also remember to take all your belongings.