Knapp Non-Linear Video Editing Suites

The Suites

The Knapp Center Non-Linear Video Editing Suites (Clapp Rooms 110, 124 and 125) are available to...

  • Members of the community who have received training from an LTS staff member and have been granted OneCard swipe access to the spaces.  

Note: To learn more about these resources please call the Instructional Technology line at x4848.

  • Students working on Advanced Video Production Projects approved by their instructor or academic advisor and an Instructional Technologist. They are reserved through Google Calendars (links below) and require OneCard swipe access.

Note: If you are thinking about starting an Advanced Video Production Project, contact your instructor/advisor or an Instructional Technologist.

Editing Room Reservation Policy and Etiquette

Please be respectful of other users and allow equal access to this shared space. In the interest of providing fair and equal access to all users, please use the following guidelines when reserving the rooms for your projects.

  • The Google Calendar for each room is broken down into hour-long sessions. You can reserve the room for a maximum of three consecutive one-hour sessions.

  • In the interest of your health and well being as much as fairness and equal access, please  schedule a maximum of six one-hour sessions per day.

  • Please cancel appointments you are not able to use so others can reserve those times.

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, you will lose the current one-hour slot and it will become available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Reserving an Editing Room using Google Calendar Appointments

  • To place a reservation go to the respective calendar

Clapp 122 (w/ Audio Booth) | Clapp 122 (front room; older equipment)

  • Click on the available block for the time slot you wish to reserve. A popup window will appear on the screen to allow you to edit the title, location, and event details for the reservation. Appointments that have been booked won’t be visible to future visitors to the appointment page.

Canceling an Appointment

  • You can cancel your appointment by deleting the event from your personal calendar or "declining" to attend the event. The appointment will then become visible for other students and will once again be available to book.