Our Team

Message From Chief

As a department we are constantly measuring our level of service and how to improve the way in which we serve our community. This site is just one resource we can utilize to conveniently provide information about our initiatives and programs to both our community as well as to their families.

In preserving the quality of life for our community we encourage members to take advantage of the programs available through our department.

The information brought to you on this site is for convenient reference and does not replace our commitment to being 100% accessible to your inquiries.

Our Team

Employee Roster
Employee Roster
NameTitleE-MailPhone Number
Lisa BarbinChief of Policelbarbin@wellesley.edu(781) 283-2125
Philip Di BlasiLieutenantpdiblas2@wellesley.edu(781) 283-3883
Bruce WhitneyAdministrative Sergeantbwhitney@wellesley.edu(781) 283-3932
Brian McMenaminOne Card/Office Managerbmcmenam@wellesley.edu(781) 283-3260
William BowmanSergeantwbowman@wellesley.edu(781) 283-3930
Timothy BrownSergeanttbrown@wellesley.edu(781) 283-3931
Jack TrabuccoSergeantjtrabucc@wellesley.edu(781) 283-3942
Kenneth FurtadoSergeantkfurtado@wellesley.edu(781) 283-3881
JoAnn GuimondPolice Officer/OICjwhite2@wellesley.edu(781) 283-3941
Ilyas AbuPolice Officeriabu@wellesley.edu 
Karen BerubePolice Officerkberube@wellesley.edu(781) 283-3921
Brendan CairneyPolice Officerbcairney@wellesley.edu(781) 283-3423
Samuel CarusoPolice Officerscaruso@wellesley.edu(781) 283-3937
Ilyas AbuPolice Officeriabu@wellesley.edu 
Jorge TorresPolice Officerjtorres@wellesley.edu(781) 283-3943
Frank UrbaniPolice Officerfurbani@wellesley.edu(781) 283-3948
Nick BlinzlerDispatchermblinzler@wellesley.edu 
William BurkeDispatcherwburke@wellesley.edu 
Nancy MaloneyDispatchernmaloney@wellesley.edu 
Chrstine BillingsDispatchercb5@wellesley.edu 



Student Employees

The Wellesley College Student Employees contribute a great deal in the operation of the Campus Police Department. They help make the community a safer place by the services they provide.

  • Dispatch Assistant- Students make One Cards, dispatch rides to the Day Driver, and are the first point of contact to all visitors that enter the Police Station.

  • Day Driver- The Day Drivers are responsible to giving rides to Students around Campus on our rides list.

  • Night Driver- They are responsible for driving the shuttle van around campus at night. They play a vital role in the safety and security of students.

  • Student Supervisors- They are responsible with the scheduling of all of our Student Employees. They also do lock outs and escorts upon request.