Wellesley SAC

The Wellesley College Student Account Center,
where you manage your bills and payments. 

Wellesley College records billing and payment activity on the student account, which is accessible through the Wellesley Student Account Center (SAC). The SAC, administered by our partner Tuition Management Systems (TMS), is an online website that allows you to retrieve account statements; view up-to-the-minute account activity; make and confirm payments; and enroll in an optional monthly payment plan (Fall and Spring semesters for Wellesley students only).

The account statement (EBill) is the primary method of communicating the student's educational costs.The EBill provides the amount due net of any pending financial aid or other payments, and it lists any transaction posted since the last statement was issued.

EBills are provided within the first week of each month if the account reflects a balance due (before pending aid and payments) or if the account reflects a zero balance with new transactions since the last statement was issued. They are delivered electronically through the Student Account Center, and registered students and authorized users will receive an email each time a new EBill is available.

EBill schedule
Term When EBill is issued Payment due date
Fall 2018 July July 27
Spring 2019 December January 3
Wintersession 2019 December January 3
Summer Term I 2018 April May 7
Summer Term II 2018 May June 4
Pre-College Immersive Program May June 15
Pre-College Exploratory Workshops May July 16
Contemporary Women's Leadership Program May June 15
Helpful hint: Always schedule your payment to occur no later than your due date.

PLEASE NOTE: Your EBill is a snapshot of a point in time. To see the most recent changes made to your account, please log in to your Wellesley SAC.

Register and access your Wellesley SAC

Current Students:

  • Log in to MyWellesley and go to the Financial Services tab.
  • Select Student Account Center to enter your SAC.
  • Complete the one-time registration form, when prompted.

​That's it, you're registered! Contact Student Financial Services with questions.

Recent Students, including those on leave from Wellesley:  

  • You have 60 days after you leave campus to access your SAC through MyWellesley. Follow the instructions for "Current Student" except navigate to the Recent Student tab.

Alumnae:  Follow the instructions for "Current Student" except navigate to the Alumnae tab.

Authorized Users:  Follow the instructions in your invitation email. Thereafter, log in at wellesley.afford.com.

Child Study Center - Account Owners and Authorized Users:  Follow the instructions in your invitation email. Thereafter, log in at wellesleycsc.afford.com.

Share access to your Wellesley SAC

Due to federal student privacy regulations, initial access to the SAC is granted only to the student and only the student is authorized to share her account. Authorized Users have the same account access as students except they do not have the ability to share access.

To add an authorized user, such as a parent or other family member:

• Log in to MyWellesley to access your SAC.
• Once you've been transferred to the SAC site, select Manage Account Access.
• Then select +Add and enter the user's name and email address.
• The user will receive an email invitation to register his or her SAC.

Late Fees

Unpaid accounts are subject to late payment fees of $50 per month.