Sponsored Internships

Caption: Mehak Sarang ‘18, The Exploratory and STEMKit (formerly SeedKit), Nsawam, Ghana
Caption: Mehak Sarang ‘18, The Exploratory and STEMKit (formerly SeedKit), Nsawam, Ghana

Wellesley-Sponsored Internships

Internships can confirm a professional interest or lead to a surprising new path. They help translate theory into practice and get your foot in the door. While seeing your lecture come to life on the legislative floor is exciting, and securing a job as a result of a previous internship experience is fabulous, we know — and our students discover — that an internship provides so much more than that. Inevitably, internships help our students fully understand themselves and grow academically, professionally, and personally.

Step 1: Explore Opportunities

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Signature Internship Programs

Through Career Education's signature internship programs, students gain professional skills, networks, deep immersion in their communities, and an aligned, purposeful career mindset. We achieve this through close collaboration with a variety of stakeholders, including domestic and international organizations on nearly every continent that provide unparalleled access to a wide-range of industries and experiences.

Deadline: Monday, December 2, 2019.

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More College-Sponsored Opportunities

Several academic departments and other institutional offices also offer internships or grants for unpaid student-identified internships for students to receive stipends for unpaid, summer internships. Explore additional opportunities and funding through these programs.

Deadlines vary. 


Grants for Student-Identified Internships

Wellesley Career Education offers opportunities for students to receive stipends for unpaid, summer internships that they find outside of placement-driven programs. Award amounts vary; most students will receive about $4,000. Deadline: Tuesday, March 3, 2020. Additionally, Wintersession Mini Grants are available for short-term Internships and job shadowing over wintersession. Deadline: December 2, 2019.


Summer Internship Credit

Wellesley now makes it possible for you to obtain credit for many summer experiences, including internships, research, and volunteering. While the credit is neither required nor is it degree-bearing, Wellesley believes internships and other forms of experiential learning are an important complement to academics and should be acknowledged on official student records.

Deadline: Friday, July 24, 2020.

Step 2: Complete your Application

How to Apply

Learn about application requirements and how to prepare your materials. Find application instructions and a link to the internship centralized application here.



You've got questions, we've got answers. Take a look at the frequently asked questions for help with Signature Internships, Grants, and Internship Credit.

Step 3: Experience


Internship Resource Toolkit

This document provides valuable guidance and resources to help plan your summer and navigate your internship environment. Covering an array of important topics including budgeting, accommodations, travel, health, and safety, this guide is a central resource for all internship students.


Summer Syllabus & Learning Portfolio

Students receiving stipends and/or non-academic internship credit from Career Education should carefully review this document for information about program requirements and deadlines.

Calendar & Deadlines

Fall 2019




  • 1: Confirmation of summer internship credit (if successfully completed)
  • 2: Signature Program Application Opens
  • 23: Signature Programs Live Webinar Q & A. Register on Handshake.
  • 29: Tanner Conference. Learn about your classmates’ summer experiences!





  • 2: Signature Program Application Closes
  • 20: Notification of Signature Programs Application Results

Wintersession & Spring 2020


  • 7: Cover Letters due for Signature Programs Nominees





  • 3: Grants Program Application Closes 
  • 20: Notification of Grants Program Application Results



  • Career Education Pre-Departure Conference (date TBA)



  • 15: Deadline for Grants Program Awardees to confirm their internship opportunities with Career Education



  • 24: Internship Credit application closes for students not receiving stipends through Career Education.


Making the Most of a Virtual Internship or Project

College Career Mentors

Virtual internships and projects — experiences for which all of the work is done online from a remote location (e.g., your home) instead of on-site at the workplace - come with their own benefits (no commute!) and their own challenges (how to get to know colleagues?). This document will help you to identify and strategize for some of the benefits and challenges of a virtual experience in advance, so you’ll be ready to make the most of your summer experience.

Hive Internship Projects: Student FAQs

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Wellesley Career Education

Lean about how to apply for Hive Internship Projects, eligibility, stipends, and more.

Summer 2020 Sponsored Internship FAQs

Lorraine Hanley ’98

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis, the College will only be support virtual internships for summer 2020. Career Education remains committed to helping you gain meaningful, remote professional engagement opportunities in the months ahead. Learn more about Sponsored Internships, Grants, and other ways to gain experience this summer.

Albright Institute Managed Internships

The Internships managed by the Albright Institute can all be found at this link.

“We have authored research documents on a wide range of labor issues, from exploitative employment contracts in textile factories to sexual harassment on tea estates.”

“Our library work allows us to interact with a multitude of subjects that we would otherwise not have been exposed to and has opened our eyes to a wide variety of topics that our majors may not cover.”