What’s the food like at Wellesley?

When it comes to food, Wellesley has a lot of options.

The meal plan is pretty simple. You can eat as much as you want at any dining hall on campus. In between meals, you can swing by the halls to grab a quick bite—things like cereal, fruit, and pastries. Check out the hours and menus to find something you like. 

Have a food allergy or dietary restriction? Wellesley Fresh has you covered!

Need some Sriracha sauce? Special toppings for your pancakes? Suggestions from students are always welcome. Use Text The Manager simply by sending a text to 781.531.9113, and WellesleyFresh will respond within 24 hours! You can even submit a recipe from home, if you’re feeling a bit homesick.

Explore the Dining Options

Bates Dining Hall

If you live on the East side of campus or spend a lot of time at the Science Center, Bates is one of the best places to grab a meal. Check out the plant-forward concept at the Bates grill also featuring daily classics. There’s also a room gluten sensitive room for students with food-related medical conditions.


Bates on the map

“I love the healthy salad bar. Also, it's connected to McAfee, which is objectively the best res hall on campus.”

- Sara Wegman ’16

What makes Bates special?

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Bae Pao Lu Chow Dining Room

Located on the top floor of the Lulu Chow Wang Campus Center, the Bae Pao Lu Chow Dining Room offers halal meats and high quality dishes of many varieties: from oven baked pizzas to grilled specialty items to fresh fusion dishes. 


Bae Pao Lu Chow Dining Room on the map

“After every sports practice, our team would head to Lulu and we would spend 3 or 4 hours eating dinner, laughing, sharing stories, and going back for dessert.”

- Ella ’21

What makes Bae Pao Lu Chow Dining Room special?

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Stone-Davis Dining Hall

In fall 2021, Stone-Davis will feature Kosher, vegan, and vegetarian meals. All selections will be in a to-go format, with compostable and recyclable containers. Students can eat meals in the dining hall or take them out!


Stone-Davis on the map

“The giant windows in the dining area create such a nice atmosphere, with natural light and beautiful views of nature.”

- Emily Lu ’23

What makes Stone-Davis special?

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Tower Dining Hall

With its long, wooden tables and old school chandeliers, Tower Dining Hall looks like something out of Harry Potter. They serve up fresh pizza, fusion noodles, stir fry, and much, much more. Have a food allergy? Tower is nut sensitive and features the Clarity station.


Tower on the map

“Tower Dining Hall has the best Saturday Brunch. I love being able to sit in the courtyard in the mornings to eat.”

- Mika Thakkar ’21

What makes Tower special?

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The Emporium

Need a Starbucks latte? Toothpaste? Some snacks to keep in the res hall? The Emporium has almost everything you might need. It’s located on the main level of the Campus Center and is stocked with snacks, toiletries, and to-go sandwiches, salads, and sushi. They accept Flex Dollars, points, cash, and credit cards.


The Emporium on the map

“I like the Emporium because of its convenient location [in the Campus Center]. You can also use Flex Points!”

- Alison Savage ’17

What makes The Emporium special?

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The Leaky Beaker

Located in the heart of the Science Center, the Leaky Beaker is the perfect snack and study spot. Take a break from your busy day with a cup of Peet's coffee or fresh hearty soup. There’s also sandwiches and salads to go! They accept Flex Dollars, points, cash, and credit cards.


The Leaky Beaker on the map

“I love the Leaky Beaker for group work.”

- Helena McMonagle ’16

What makes The Leaky Beaker special?

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Café Hoop

There’s no place like Café Hoop. On the ground floor of the Campus Center, “Hoopies” cheerfully serve up delicious late-night nachos, snacks, and drinks. They even make deliveries! The student-run business is a great place to chill — stop in for a study break or on your way home from a party.

Menu & Hours


Café Hoop on the map

“The hoop is my favorite place for a late night snack. I love the Dorito nachos with sriracha and sour cream!”

- Sanjana Thakur ’20

What makes Café Hoop special?

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El Table

El Table started small: In 1904, students began serving snacks at a small table by an elevator—hence the name (short for “Elevator Table”). Since then, it’s become a full-fledge cafe located on the bottom floor of Founders Hall. The student-run co-op serves sandwiches, coffee, soups, and snacks. El Table offers vegetarian and gluten-free options, and (perhaps most importantly) refutes the rumor that the Hoop could take El Table in dodgeball.

Hours & Specials


El Table on the map

“A great place to relax, get work done, or catch up with friends; they have great sandwiches. Plus their scones are amazing—ask them to toast it!”

- Orli Hakanoglu ’16

What makes El Table special?

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Punch's Alley

This student-run pub is known for its bright red decor, themed dance parties, and live music. Not to mention, it’s the perfect spot for student orgs and friends to meet up.

Events and Hours


Punch's Alley on the map

“Punch's Alley is comfortable because of the staff. In its downtime, it's a comfy place to have a drink and relax with friends.”

- Alix Lewis ’16

What makes Punch's Alley special?

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