Advising & Support

Wellesley College is committed to providing the support that each student needs to succeed.

A number of offices and programs share a mission and work together to provide advice and academic support for Wellesley students. Class deans and faculty members all provide academic advising. New traditional-aged students work with the Dean of First-Year Students and later have a Class Dean who is responsible for general academic advising and for helping each student progress well toward the degree. Each incoming first-year student discusses her goals and plans with a faculty advisor as she begins at Wellesley, who offers suggestions and information about course selection, degree requirements, and opportunities to pursue individual interests. Each student also works with an advisor throughout her academic career—generally, juniors and seniors are mentored by a faculty member in their specific field or discipline. Davis Scholars are advised throughout their time by the Dean of the Davis Degree Program, and upper-class transfer students work with one of the Class Deans as they begin at Wellesley, in addition to making connections with our faculty. 

Wellesley also offers a variety of learning support services, designed to help students reach their academic potential. The Pforzheimer Learning and Teaching Center offers individualized peer tutoring, supplemental instruction, and study skills instruction to help students build on academic strengths, overcome difficulties, and develop effective academic strategies. The Accessibility and Disability Resources Office is an important resources for the many students needing specific learning accommodations for particular documented needs. 

Other advising and support opportunities abound at Wellesley. The Stone Center offers counseling services for students who wish to speak with a professional about personal matters affecting their daily lives. Licensed clinical staff includes psychologists, social workers, a psychiatrist, and a clinical nurse practitioner. The Assistant Deans and other advisors in the Department of Intercultural Education provide support geared for the needs of students of African, Asian, and Latina descent, as well as our LBGTQ students. And an array of peer advisors provide an easy and approachable entry point into the network of resources supporting all our students.