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On May 14, 2019 the Student Library Research Awards, generously funded by the Friends of Wellesley College Library, were presented. From left to right, the 2019 winners were:

Sanjana Kothary '21 won the 100/200-level Award for her EDUC 215 paper, "I Am, Because We Are: Intersubjectivity and the Ethics of Care in Student-Teacher Relationships." Supporting faculty: Deepa Vasudevan

Victoria Cottrell '22 won the First Year Award for her WRIT 187 paper, "Sanitationists, Sewers, and Shoe-Leather: Political and Social Subtexts in British Cholera Epidemiology, 1848-1855." Supporting faculty: Simon Grote

Emily Martin '21 won the Independent Study Award for her ANTH 350 paper, "Veganism, Race, and Soul Food: Evaluating Reproductions of Race in Vegan Spaces." Supporting faculty: Justin Armstrong

Angela Coco '19 won the 300-level Award for her HIST 352 paper, "The Powerful Mind is the Healthy Mind: Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Representative Men (1850) and the History of Mental Health." Supporting faculty: Simon Grote

Clare Doyle '20 (not pictured here) received an honorable mention for her ECON 350 paper, "Tax Havens and Multinational Corporate Income Tax Avoidance." Supporting faculty: Akila Weerapana