Selina Jones as Medea in Khameleon Productions’s Medea

Uprooting Medea

Workshops and Presentation by Khameleon Productions
Feb 15, 2022, 4 PM
Collins Cinema
Open to the Wellesley College campus community only

Khameleon Productions was founded in 2020, based on a production company built at Oxford University. Their Uprooting Medea project provides a provocative lens on Euripides's canonic 'Western' play by exploring and questioning contemporary themes of race, belonging, identity, home and otherness. Their upcoming Medea short film (set for release in later 2022) reimagines the story with a global-majority cast and crew and features original compositions, movement, and spoken word commissioned by the company. Their visit to Wellesley will culminate in a campus-wide presentation of the Uprooting Medea project and a panel discussion of diversity and the arts.  

In addition to the 4pm presentation in Collins Cinema, Khameleon Productions founder and producer Shivaike Shah will host workshops in Alumnae Hall Auditorium from 8:30am-12:30pm. For further information, please contact Prof. Carol Dougherty at


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Arts Council England and Brown Arts Institute 
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Selina Jones captured by Adam Pietraszewski