Student Projects

Kaylie Cox '18, Summer Excavation Project
Last summer, I worked with Professor Burns on his excavation of Ancient Eleon in Greece. While there, I was given the opportunity to learn how to fly a drone for aerial photography. This was not only an amazing experience, but was also beneficial to the excavation. Using the drone we were able to get a bird’s-eye view of the trenches we were working on, which helped give an idea of what the layout of the site looked like in ancient times. Additionally, many photos were used to make a 3D model of one of the site’s most prominent features: its polygonal wall. Being able to make models in this way is incredible, as it maintains the integrity of the site. Spending the summer on Professor Burns’ excavation opened my eyes to the potential of using modern technology in combination with the humanities, as well as the benefits such a combination provides.
Betty Wallingford '16, Film Scoring

I'm a senior majoring in anthropology with a minor in music.  Last year, my friend Lilly Tyson, who was producing a short Hitchcock-inspired short film for her thesis, asked me if I would be interested in writing an original score.  For many years, I had written songs on guitar and voice, but I had always been interested in composing something for film.  At the time I started work on the score, Lilly and her team hadn't shot the film.  Because there were no images to go off of, I composed the score based on the atmosphere and plot that Lilly had described.  I decided to compose for a string quartet, piano, and wood block.  I thought the wood block could be used sporadically to evoke an irregular heart beat (Lilly's film was a murder mystery), and the strings would create an edgy and tension-filled atmosphere.  

excavating in Eastern Boeotia
Eastern Boeotia Archaeological Project

Professor Burns' students on the Eastern Boeotia Archaeological Project also have contributed to a student blog.

Pamela Daniels Fellowship

Adrienne Ogle, Katie Barsotti, Lilly Tyson, Ayana Aaron, Gladys Raygoza, and Abra White were awarded the Pamela Daniels Fellowship. They wrote and produced three short films.

Deep Waters (2) on display
Deep Waters (2)

Jayne Yan ‘16
Ink and Art Stix on Copulex
18’7" x 4’1"
December 2014

Exploring various forms of drawing and monoprint methods, I created this large work thinking about immersive environments that draw us to awe and wonder while expanding possibilities of drawing.