Employee Development

Employee Development, Engagement, and Recognition Programs

Wellesley College is committed to empowering employees to make a difference within our community and the world at large. Our development, engagement, and recognition programs aim to foster and strengthen the skills and competencies of our employees to become impactful leaders across our campus.

Development Programs

Wellesley is invested in developing the skills and competencies of our staff in their current roles as well as in support of their ongoing career development. We support employee growth by focusing on performance management, providing tuition assistance, and offering a variety of development programs.

Performance Management

Management and Leadership Programs

Career Development Programs

Online Learning

Develop You Offerings

Tuition Benefits

Engagement Programs

As employees of Wellesley, we are a vibrant, diverse community serving the College’s mission and promoting education for the greater good.  Collectively, we reflect the goals and values of the College, finding creative ways to work together to best use our skills and strengths to do great work and support our community.

Engage You Offerings

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Community Conversations

Wellesley SEED

Recognition Programs

We are so thankful for the expertise and contributions of our incredibly dedicated faculty and staff who play a critical role in Wellesley's success. We celebrate and honor the achievements of our colleagues to foster and inspire innovation, collaboration, and years of service.

Staff Recognition Program

Service Anniversary Program

Administrative Staff Compensation