The Digital Scholarship Initiatives (DSI) team is comprised of LTS staff with a broad array of expertise. 

Librarians and Instructional Technologists form the core of the team; other specialists are also available to consult on projects of any size.

Explore the services offered by the DSI via the website or by consulting with Jenifer Bartle, Manager of Digital Scholarship Initiatives.  Contact her to brainstorm ideas or to plan projects or assignments, large or small.  

LTS staff available to assist with digital scholarship projects include: 

  • Academic Subject Specialists- Our Subject Specialists are available to provide expertise in all academic subject areas, providing library collection support and research and instruction services. Including library subject specialists in the early stages of planning your digital scholarship project or assignment can help to focus your area of inquiry, provide a rich understanding of the resources available to you, inform you about copyright restrictions.
  • Special Collections and College Archive Staff- These content specialists work with the unique holdings of the College, and are available to provide expertise about the use of these collections in all aspects of research and teaching, including hands-on, digitally based, or hybrid projects and assignments.
  • Metadata Specialists- Our Metadata staff can provide recommendations for how to improve access and useability of digital collections and digitally based resources. They can offer assistance with describing and cataloging digital objects (images, video, text-based documents, etc.) and can help to increase the impact of your scholarship by improving its findability, scalabilty, and portability.
  • Instructional Technologists- Our Instructional Technologists can assist with lesson planning and instruction in the use of classroom technologies. 
  • GIS Specialist- Our Geographic Information Services (GIS) specialist is available to consult about using geographic data and mapping in projects and assignments.
  • Multimedia Specialist- Our Multimedia Specialist is available to consult on the creation of video and still images to incorporate into your research and pedagogy.
  • Web Designers- LTS staff with expertise in web design are available to consult about specific needs of web-based scholarly resources.
  • Programmers- Please contact Jenifer Bartle with specialized programming requests.