Office of International Study

Students who wish to study abroad may choose from more than 160 programs.  

About 45% of Wellesley College juniors elect to study abroad for a semester or a year. Motivation for study abroad is as diverse as our student population. Many students study abroad to perfect a foreign language, or to conduct field research, or to gain a new perspective on their major. Others seek the opportunity to study in a major research university, live in an urban setting, or to experience life in a developing country. Whatever your goals, the Office of International Study wants to work with you to identify the most appropriate host university or study abroad program for an experience that will challenge you and provide you with the opportunity to grow as a global citizen.

Planning for International Study

Students who enroll in any approved study abroad program pay regular Wellesley tuition and remain eligible for Wellesley financial aid.

Students considering study abroad should consult their class dean and the Office of International Study in the fall of their sophomore year in order to determine eligibility and application requirements. Upon successful completion of an approved program of international study, students may earn up to four Wellesley units per semester. The Office of International Study must approve all courses in advance, and official transcripts must be sent from the program provider to the Registrar's office.