Writing Program

Students reading an article
Students listening to discussions in the classroom
Students listening to the lecturer in the classroom
Students listening to discussions in the classroom

“Writing is an exploration. You start with nothing and learn as you go.”

                                                                                            —E.L. Doctorow

At Wellesley, we encourage students to see writing as a powerful tool of thought and expression, and as a means of engaging with and influencing the world.

First-Year Writing courses provide a lively, practical introduction to college-level writing. They give students the opportunity to explore a cool topic while receiving intensive instruction in writing and revision. First-Year Writing classes also help students develop their speaking and presentation skills. Writing at the college level requires proficient handling of evidence, analysis, argument, and structure. Writing faculty are committed to helping Wellesley students develop these skills and gain confidence as they exercise their voice, educate others, and identify paths for change.

The Writing Program administers First-Year Writing courses and an intensive writing workshop, WRIT 201. The Writing Program also offers a small selection of upper-level writing courses, and it operates the writing tutor program.

For information about creative writing courses, see the webpage of the Department of English and Creative Writing.